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    Thread: Partner has a job, i'm coming over knowing nobody!

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      Hi guys welcome to the forum it won't take long for you to meet people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I'm sure it won't take long for you to settle into the Aussie lifestyle.
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      Ohh just plonked myself infront of the TV to watch WDU whilst it snows outside!

      Due out later this year, not a scouser but from the Wirral (save the comments please)!!!

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      Welcome Amanda, et al................

      Like you, im a scouser, hence the tag! Like you, not got a real scouse accent anymore, and like you moved to Adelaide not knowing a soul; but hey...................

      You'll be fine, love, if you managed sarn saarf, then you'll have no worries here, lol.

      Drumms, there nothing wrong with the Wirral, lived in New Brighton for years, didnt do me any harm, twitch, twitch,lol.

      Good Luck with the move!

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      Wifes a scouser, ahh well sleep with one eye open. We arrived with no job, no mates, never been before and only got OAA days before arriving. Don't worry about it, your comming to a friendly place where even the shop assistant will help you out.

      Enjoy the adventure, and take time to relax and adjust once you arrive.

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      hello and welcome to pia!
      first step of making new friends :D

      just ask away and someone will be around to help you!
      good luck

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      we have been here 8 weeks and only getting around to being more social as not stopped for breath as very busy with looking at areas then rentals then furniture and so many schools

      we are in the western suurbs as easy for work (oh hates the traffic lights every few yards makes commuting very dull) so we moved close to work hope you find somewhere you like and good luck

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      Mrs Brentus
      Hi, we came to Adelaide in September 09, with no family out here and just hubby having a job.
      We love it. I got a job really quickly off seek.com.
      You will be fine, make the most of things and always ask.


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      Hi, and I am also a fellow scouser (still have accent as im bk living in Liverpool), going back to live in adelaide in nxt mth or 2 for 2nd time, hopfully for good this time!!!! were getting like Gypos lol

      Good Luck with it all, most of us go with no job to go to & no mates / families there.


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      how ru feeling at mo? have u got accomadation sorted?

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      Hi Amanda - we've been here since the start of december and I've still yet to find work but I've registered with some agencies and have had some interviews through them but also had interviews through direct applications. I was offered a job on Monday but it was too far to travel and that's not what I'm here for. If you let me know what you're looking for I'll see if any of my agencies will be of any help and can give you their details.
      You'll love it here. We hadn't been before and sites like PIA will open doors up for you to make friends and network.


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