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  1. Hi, cars do cost alot of money here to buy. You could check out the oz website for values on to compare with the sale price in England to what it would cost to buy here. Europeon car parts and service can be very expensive and parts not always readily available. My OH works for Repco authorised repairer, which gives nationwide warrenty on service/repairs. He is at Blackwood not far from Hallett Cove. Warrenty are available to buy, but I believe only on cars up to 10 years old. Hope that helps!
  2. Management Accountant

    I take you are also checking as well?
  3. Hotels south of the city

    Hi. I cant recommend this place as I dont know anyone who has stayed. However, my brother in law is coming over this week and asked us about places near to us where he can stay. We have booked him in at Esplanade Hotel at Brighton and this is costing $350 for the week. The place is in a lovely setting right on the sea front, lots of restaurants close by up Jetty Road. We will know more later this week about the place. I have attached a link for you to look at; All the best. Carole
  4. New Business (Mobile Cafe)

    Hi Rachael I work for a business in Mile End. 25 Goodenough Street. Tel 8231 9262. I am sure a few of us would really appreciate a morning coffee run. thanks Carole
  5. Hi, the company that I work for are seeking 2 candidates: 1) A Receptionist - a junior position (Level 1) full time - outlook and the office suite knowledge required. 2) A Finance/Admin Assistant - a part time position maybe 15-20 hrs per week over 5 days. Main duties being data input on a MYOB system including ordering stock, input of purchasing invoices and inventory, petty cash control, entering of visa receipts. Assisting with reception duties and ad hoc duties to assist Finance Manager. Both positions offer award rates but dependant on candidate. Our company is based in Mile End. I appreciate these details are brief, but if anyone is interested, please dont PM me, but send me an email at Thanks Carole
  6. What's Your Royal Wedding guest name?

    Lady Ellen Harvey-Birdwood :-)
  7. Which Removal Company?

    I am sure people will have had good experiences with White & Co, but just to let you know we didnt. Travelled from Lancashire, so the depo near yours may be better. Goods were damanged and some went missing, plus delivery was a lot lot later than what they said it would be!
  8. What to bring and what to leave.

    I go with bring everything too! Even Quit covers, Duvet (it does get cold here in winter). Another thing we did and wished we hadnt ,was throw loads of our clothes out. Not sure what height you are, but I find it difficult to find clothes for the slightly short. Again, even bring your jumpers and coats. Not sure if you were thinking of shipping your car either, but they are expensive too here. If you hadnt got air con, dont worry, it can be fitted quite cheaply. Not meaning to make it sound cold and miserable, we get lovely hot summers as well.
  9. Kitten - free to a good home

    Bump up LMOA you mad people :-)
  10. wine tour

    We have done a few. We have used Des's Mini Buses and they have suggested places to go and even booked us in at the winery. All you have to do is get enough people to fill the mini bus. We have noticed that not all wineries like big groups, late teens sort of amount.
  11. 2 month update

    Hi Andi Great post. I totally remember that feeling especially at the 2 month stage...OMG what have we done I constantly thought and yes lots of tears! It took around 14 months before I felt settled and even now 2 years in, you get those low days. From my experience, friends make a big impact on getting settled here... they become like a family. We started off in Marino, then Seacliff, so know Kingston Park quite well, so I think you have chosen a great place to start, those views and beachs close by can help alot on a down day. If you every fancy a brew or a glass or two of wine, give us a shout. Take care, it does get easier Carole x
  12. Rental Wanted - Seacliffe, Kingston Park, Marino

    We had a rental in Seacliff, on the Esplanade, 3 bed, 1 bathroom, 1 garage and car port. 5 minutes walk to Seacliff station. 200m from Seacliff Hotel (great pub eating place) Loved living there but just bought our own place. Will PM you landlords number.
  13. End of lease cleaners

    Thanks Sparky Cat If we wanted to hire a steam cleaner, where would the best place be - I can only think of bunnings at the minute?
  14. End of lease cleaners

    You funny people..... no responses, so Jo, I will have Ged afterall, he is well trained you tell me. Dan.... who hired a oven cleaner when they moved. ummmmmm Some people have a hectic social life to lead you know, plus its what keeps the economy going round . lol
  15. End of lease cleaners

    Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend a reliable with reasonable rates person or company to do some end of lease cleaning for us, plus carpet steam clean. We are looking to have this done, this Friday, 20 August 2010. Many Thanks