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  1. Paula&Adrian

    Chinese Takeaway Hallett Cove area

    Yum Sing at Old Reynella is good. We live in Woodcroft now but used to travel there from Port Noarlunga South. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Paula&Adrian


    Good to meet you all today. I think I got to talk to you all. Hopefully see you again soon. Adrian apologies for not talking to you all. Paula
  3. Paula&Adrian

    30's - 40 something wine tour

    I'd be interested.
  4. Paula&Adrian

    Seaford 6-12

    Hi I have two children at Seaford Secondary College, one in Year 10 and one in Year 7. They are both doing well. In the past there were quite a lot of negative comments about the school but I am happy with it. Paula
  5. Paula&Adrian

    40 something genuine friends

    Hi I would love to meet up sometime. I am 44, live in Woodcroft and have two children aged 15 and 12. We have been here nearly 7 years. Look forward to hearing from you. Paula
  6. Hi I would love to meet up sometime. I live in Woodcroft age 44 and have two children aged 15 and 12. We have been here nearly 7 years. Look forward to hearing from you. Paula
  7. Paula&Adrian

    North easterners (UK not Adelaide)

    Hi we are from West Yorkshire but my dad was born in Whitley Bay and my auntie used to live in Chester-le-street.
  8. Paula&Adrian

    Wanted ps3 games and controllers

    How old is your son? My son is selling LA Noire which is a MA 15 plus game. It has alot of swearing in it and some nudity.
  9. Hi we live in Port Noarlunga South, my children are the same age as yours Christopher is 12 and Gemma is 10. Would be good to meet up some time. Paula
  10. Paula&Adrian

    the mayo is horrible

    I think S & W is the nearest to Helmans Mayonnaise. I agree with you, alot of the others are really sweet! Paula
  11. Paula&Adrian

    how long in a holiday let

    Hi Sasha and Nigel We were lucky when we arrived 4.5 years ago. We could only book 8 days in a holiday rental. We managed to get a rental in Seaford and moved in on the 9th day!
  12. Paula&Adrian


    We stayed at the Big 4 Blue Lake Holiday Park two years ago. I would highly recommend it. Paula
  13. Paula&Adrian

    any 12 yr olds livin in port noarlunga??

    Hi Tom We live in Port Noarlunga South. My son Chris is 12 and goes to Seaford 6-12 school.
  14. Paula&Adrian

    Are there Brownies in oz?

    Hi They don't have Brownies here, it is all Girl Guides. We live in Port Noarlunga South and my daughter goes to Girl Guides in Seaford. Paula
  15. Paula&Adrian

    horse riding

    Hi Jackie My daughter goes riding in Happy Valley with Gayle Hutchens. Her phone number is 0417865965. She loves it. Paula

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