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  1. New Royal Adelaide hospital now open!

    I seen SA Ambulance, my possible future employers,played a big part transferring patients between hospitals.
  2. Citizenship changes doomed?

    I like the line,"we are a nation built on migration" Much like the UK, America etc built on migration but these politicians want to kick up a frenzy.
  3. Nurse out there

    no don't panic yet. I don't suppose you would go to another state if there was an opportunity for the short term?
  4. Nurse out there

    Sorry to hear just keep plugging away sticking to their application format. Keep a look out for private hospital nurse jobs as well as SA Health. I think you may stand a better chance in Australia and I dont think they are big on feedback but that's no comfort to you at moment. I know what you mean you couldn't afford too long without job and it's difficult to even go without employment but people do. Persnally I probably couldn't manage for more than a month without a job. Are you stating in your cover letter you are PR and when you coming to Australia? I would also state you are prepared to arrive early if offered job. The CV and cover letter is your only opportunity to tell them your personal curcumstances. The way I would approach this is keep applying for everything even if you think it's not for you or suitable. If you get to Australia without a job start applying for all nurse jobs straight away. Even go through recruitment agencies if you have to. While you wait on those applications just apply for other jobs, care work shop work, bar work, anything etc just to tide you over until you get what you want. Personally that's what I would do.
  5. Bank account

    Just to add I set up a migrant Westpac Choice bank account from the UK bout 2 years ago. Monthly fee of $5 a month was waived for 12 months which you don't pay anyway in Australia if salary over $2000 month.I couldn't get to Australia in that time frame so my main point is I emailed the guy who set up the Westpac account and explained my situation. He permanently waived the $5 monthly fee until I actually got to OZ.
  6. 2 Years in - Thank you

    Good post and seems to be a positive outcome for you and your family. Nice to hear people's success stories from time to time instead of the negative ones. Good luck with the future.
  7. Picking a shipping company

    Sending a few boxes or suitcases seems a lot easier and cheaper when I looked at it too.
  8. Picking a shipping company

    Used Fox Moving which was the cheapest I found 7 years ago and depot was close to me. Paid £3200 for 20ft container but did have some items damaged and was delayed.
  9. Employers also seem to like cover letters hitting the job description with examples using the STAR format. If I can manage to do it from the UK anyone can.
  10. You need to show compelling reasons why you never went to Australia, your husband medical condition being the main one. Write everthing down from beginning to end basically tell them your life story. You can apply online $360 per application so Ian needs to apply first then if successful you later.He needs to attach documentated evidence so any medical records or letters. You are still classed as PR and within the last 5 yrs so the best you could hope for is a 1 year RRV. In regards to jobs you don't necessarily need one but it makes your application stronger as long as you can show compelling reasons. I managed my first RRV in 2015 after my visa expired 2014,leaving OZ in 2010. I attached emails in my application where I had contacted potential employers.If Ian can try and contact potential employers and attach the promising ones to his application it may do the trick.
  11. Hi Rachael, Was it your 5 year visa that expired last year? I take it you never actually went to live in Australia at any point.
  12. Wasn't expecting it to be that quick granted in 5 days. Then again the previous one only took 10 days. Haven't been to Australia since 2010 and my PR visa expired in 2014.I have applied and been granted 2 RRVs since then both online from the UK by myself so I must be doing something right. The previous application I never had a job offer but this latest one I had a provisional offer. If I can advise or help anyone with my experience just ask. Both RRVs were for 1 year because I never did the 2yrs in OZ.
  13. Hi Paul, good luck with looking for a job in your line of work. It doesn't seem to be all doom and gloom in SA in my line of work health which is being transformed and modernised with jobs I managed to get a job from the UK so everything is possible if you search and just send out those CVs and cover letters.
  14. Hi everyone!

    Welcome Greg you are not alone and I can relate to where you are coming from. I wasn't in Australia as long as you were,only a year.Since returning in 2010 I have mostly regretted returning to the UK and always thought I would go back at some point. I now have an opportunity to return to South Australia but I don't think my wife feels the same