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  1. Every move to a new city or country is quite complicated, but it all works out gradually. I say this because not long ago I moved to another city and it was quite difficult for me to adapt, I bought everything I needed for the household but with the irons I had big problems, they broke down quite often and that irritated me the most, but it was all over when I bought power xl iron and all may problems are gone. So I want to recommend all of you to buy things a little more expensive, because they last longer.
  2. Ephraim Beltran


    Hey, they are so cute, but try to find in internet in red color, they really looks as a dragon!!
  3. Ephraim Beltran

    Morialta Conservation Park

    Awww, it's so cute!! Hope he is still fine and have a family!
  4. Ephraim Beltran

    Cost of Utilities

    Hey, all costs depends from your necessaries and how you use gas and electricity, if you have some solar panels that will save a lot of money and winter you will pay without internet like 900-950$ so you need to spend rationally and if you can economy some money, why you shouldn't do it?
  5. Ephraim Beltran

    Single Parents

    Hello and welcome! Try to find for your child a hobby or sport where he/she can practice and let him/her to get new friends that will help a lot!
  6. Ephraim Beltran

    Car rental

    Hello Masha, I used Wotif services and I am fine using their car, hope I'll help you!
  7. Hey, I found this in their site: Accredited assistance animals: All accredited assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability are welcome to travel on all public transport. Pets: People must not bring an animal on board a regular passenger service vehicle unless it is an accredited working animal accompanying a person with a disability.
  8. Ephraim Beltran

    House for sale

    you have a nice house, why are you selling? this is a good time to sell real estate - right now as Biden plans to lower real estate prices I would advise you to sell your house now and buy a house in Miami after a while - this will be an ideal investment in the future
  9. yes you are right, you need to get yourself in shape I myself noticed that while I was sitting at home - I did not even go out for a morning run I lost my shape I believe that you don't need any diets, enough following the fitness blog, I recommend this one for which I train myself
  10. Ephraim Beltran


    Hi all! My hair is blonde and thin. Since coloring it became dry and damaged. To improve the situation I tried many shampoos and conditioners. Mostly all of them were not very effective. The best trick I found and it works for me is applying argan oil on the strands for 10-15 minutes before washing my hair. I explain all of this beacuse wen i got merry , i had do make my bridal hair , and it was a problem for the hairdresser but she did it Inland Empire Bridal Hair .
  11. Ephraim Beltran


    GUYS!!! why i am newbie ?)))) how not to be noob ? i wanna be PRO haha
  12. Ephraim Beltran

    Rent or buy?

    i know for sure that it is better to buy than to rent because you will pay the same sum every month, but in the end, you will have your own house. find a good mortgage service, may be they have any idea how to help you .
  13. Ephraim Beltran

    Medical Billing Company

    there is a good medical billing service https://fortismedicalbilling.com/physician-coding-family-practice/ . It is a private company that do all the paper work . They have professional team including former FBI investigatores and in-house lawyers . So this service include paper medical coding and billing , revenue cycle management , billing audits and more.
  14. Ephraim Beltran

    Monthly Costs

    The energu consumption per 1 cubic meter of water is approximately 2kW per hour . To head the poiol , a separate boiler is installed in the home heating system . Which will only work on heating water in a pond . The temperature for a comfortable dive in the winter is 22-25 degrees.
  15. Ephraim Beltran

    Football Club Wanting Players 2020

    i would like to watch the match do you have online translation ?

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