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  1. Philip_Green

    Morialta Conservation Park

    so cute When it is rainy or cold, a koala does not have to seek shelter. Its thick fur is waterproof and provides plenty of warmth. During hot weather, it sheds some of its fur.
  2. Philip_Green

    Pension and UK Banks

    great idea
  3. Philip_Green

    Blood Moon

    I love the watching Moon , specially in late night and blood moon has its own feelings
  4. Philip_Green

    I Live Here!

    wow no doubt Adelaide is one of the great city , I am proud of it.
  5. Philip_Green

    Cost of Utilities

    Troublesome one to answer really , as expressed above it will rely upon various factors, for example, your use and the organizations you join with.
  6. Philip_Green

    2 weeks to go!!!!!

    congrats on being so near coming around here.
  7. Philip_Green

    Anyone here live in Victor Harbor/ Encounter Bay

    Try not to go there. We did and the spot is exhausting.
  8. Philip_Green

    Book club

    I am interested.
  9. Philip_Green

    Football Club Wanting Players 2020

    Where is that club located?

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