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  1. DougM

    Sooooo... Australia FTW?

    Wondered that myself. Too many anachronisms around these days. Eurovision is for the Europeans and is more about politics than talent. Sure, the song has to be reasonable but when it comes to voting, trade and alliances take over. Call me a cynic but that's how I see it. Too many undeserving wins prove the point. As good as Home Boy Guy may be, I think he'll just be viewed as 'half time entertainment'.
  2. When I arrived in Aus some years back, I photo-stat my resume' 50 times then went through the yellow pages for every company that I though might be appropriate. Send out all 50 letters a couple of days later and was in for an interview the day following having received a phone call from a Man. Dir. Got the job and started the following week. From the 50 letters, I only got 2 replies so be patient. FWIW, I worked in Quality Control/ Assurance.
  3. DougM

    Service providers

    Used to be but since they were sold out to IInet their service is deplorable. We've recently swapped to Optusnet, unfortunately, not mush better.
  4. DougM

    Buddha nearly ready!

    Yes. Do you have a problem with Buddhists? Do you know anything about the Buddhist way of life? Before anyone denigrates it, do some research. It's not a 'religion'.
  5. DougM

    Buddha nearly ready!

    A rocking horse that doesn't rock and that you can't climb any more. Cool! not any more.
  6. DougM

    Buddha nearly ready!

    Like it or loathe it, it's something else Sydney and Melb'n don't have. Should be a tourist magnet. Good on em.
  7. I lived in Singapore for over 2 years back in the 70's. Even then, their education system was by far the best, thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and his foresight. Kids went to school in pristine white uniforms, 2 shifts per day and now they're among the worlds leaders in industry. Unfortunately, my daughters attended a forces run school and came out less well educated. Wallaby, have your son tested and put in the appropriate class level, he's probably a year or two advanced in others his age.
  8. The Onkaparinga Wetlands is a nice place investigate. 2 possible walk, or one very long one. Entrance is via River Road, near the junction with South Road.
  9. DougM

    Anyone know a good mechanic for old caravan?

    OK Gus, a friend of mine had his old van completely rebuilt by this company and they made a very good job of it Roadmaster Caravans, 10, Dorset Street, Lonsdale. Contact guy is Larry Weepers, on 83846011. He seems to be pretty prompt as well.
  10. DougM

    Sonographer wanted

    Had to look that on up Ashleigh. Sorry I can't help you though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonographer
  11. DougM

    Mood of the Moment: Share a great music track today:

    One doesn't have to be in any sort of mood to enjoy this rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Just sit back and enjoy. http://www.wimp.com/cover-bohemian/
  12. DougM

    Ambling round the supermarket

    Supermarkets are supermarkets, yes? One is pretty much the same as another.....no. For a different experience, pay a visit to Foodland in the Pasadina shopping center on Goodwood road. You can amble around with a cup of fresh coffer in a holder built into your trolley, or sit at a table in the little cafe area. You'll be spoilt for choice at the array of products on offer and all in a beautifully design store. SO different from others you've seen. In the mall there are other very tempting stores. Although it's only a small mall, it's not been over crowded on our visits but maybe we were just lucky. Like most men, I hate shopping but I don't mind going there..occasionally. When you've shopped till you drop, there's a great restaurant near the main entrance so that you don't have to cook when you get home, exhausted.
  13. DougM

    Anyone attending Anzac Day services?

    What a good turn out. 2000+ would be my guess. Many young children. The birds quietened and the wind dropped for the Last Post. Lest we Forget.
  14. DougM

    Anyone attending Anzac Day services?

    5.20am and up to attend the service at Morphett vale. We shall remember them.
  15. Depending on which esplanade you want to live, you pay over the odds for a building worth no more than something way inland and a huge amount for a so called 'sea view', really a stretch of water with absolutely sod all happening worth viewing. If you really want a sea view, move to Sydney Harbor.

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