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  1. carryon

    Which pool company?

    Well its over 3 years since we had our pool installed by Freedom and we have had No issues at all, been brilliant! Deffo recommend them.
  2. carryon

    Good Australian TV shows (yes there are some!)

    Packed to the Rafters, Winners and losers, Wonderland, Home and away( I aint kidding) all good dramas. I don't think the TV is that bad, maybe ive just gone native. Body of Proof is brilliant but its American!
  3. Mmmm, if your that close to your family then I would imagine it would be very hard! Did they give you their full backing in the move, if so that should help, if not....Ouch!!I always find it strange that people who are so close to family and friends would move away anyway, its a big thing to do without the added extra stress, as for a time limit...impossible to say, if you hit the floor running and embrace all this great county has then it will make life easier, if you sit and wallow and keep thinking about family it will become very difficult, we heard this from a friend! We were very similar to Jim and Adel as in being very independent from family back in UK. Best of luck anyways, its a new adventure, some things will be familiar some will make you go Whoarr!!!!!Enjoy them and enjoy the beautiful weather on its way, god bless!!!
  4. carryon

    Citizenship test

    Good stuff, we did ours last November, great feeling, enjoy the ceremony, we couldn't get into the Australia day one so had ours at the place we done the test!
  5. carryon

    Are you a beach person?

    I love the beach, kids love it if they have friends with them, wife not such a beach person, I try to get down to Port Willunga as much as possible, especially summer when I meet my Bestie down there for our Man chats (Hi Dean). With such a great beach on our doorstep how can I not love it, and it too was one of the lures of coming out here!
  6. carryon

    Whats in Adelaide?

    Simple, everything is here!!!!!
  7. I agree Diane, just got back from UK 4 days ago and realised how cheap food and beer was! But on the other hand the weather was shocking, the roads busy and too crowded, I know where im happier.........Australia!
  8. Absolutely YES! You can make any place great with a bit of hardwork! Love it here.
  9. carryon

    Citizenship done!

    We did our Citizenship ceremony along with 109 other people at the immigration centre the other week, pretty straight foward stuff, nice little ceremony, now we have applied for our Aussie passports...thought we would go the whole hog!.
  10. carryon

    "Loving it"

    I agree, its attitude! As above post, im a very positive person, my wife a little less so, but we felt at home from day one, dont know why, we embraced the differences and the little Aussie quirks, why move around the world and not do so! My wife was lucky enough to have a job lined up so the pressure was off somewhat but we actually enjoyed starting from scratch again, loved looking at houses and stuff.......even with 2 kids in tow! Plus we have ended up in a location far better than we came from, Port Willunga, next to beach but still close enough to all amenities! As a couple we go out far more, and just driving to Mclaren vale puts a smile on my face, sitting on the beach with mates chatting...wonderful! Also helped that we made some really great friends pretty quickly, we all need that someone to talk to! Life here is bloody good if you put in the hard yards! 4 1/2 years on and still lovin' it!!!!!
  11. Absolutely have to have...Colemans English mustard, HP Sauce, Batchelors mushy peas and Colemans Bread sauce mix. As these items are available here i will have them, if they weren't i wouldn't, the good things about Australia far outweigh the stupid little things we might miss!!!!!!
  12. We are absolutlely happy...with everything, never had cause to moan about a thing, and the reason we left the UK was to get AWAY from all that was familiar, new country=new stuff, make it an adventure, embrace new stuff, of course it helps if you have a job lined up. Never been homesick at all, all 4 of us love it here, Nursing is better and the pay slightly higher than UK, although my wife says since we came here 4 years ago its deffo getting busier!!!!!Come with a positive attitude and keep that throughout, as they say here, Too easy or No Worries!!!Its beautiful here, embrace it!!!!!!
  13. carryon

    Not going through with it

    I actually think coming over here with no support makes you a stronger unit, you dont rely on family or friends, you have to get on with it, sort your own problems out, and i think people will admire you more for doing so!!!!!As pointed out earlier, our time on this world is short, do what YOU feel is right and Never be blackmailed into not doing what you want by family, i agree, you will hold it against them if you dont persue your dreams!!!!!
  14. Great thread thus far, now heres my take on things. I did a poll amongst friends over the last week regarding the illigal boat people farce ( Thats what i think it is) . I asked several friends / work collegues about the subject. Firstly let me point out this was not a bunch of Poms or beer swilling footy watching Aussies. It was 3 English, 4 australians, 1 czech republican, 1 Indian singaporian, 1 malaysian, 2 kiwis. A cross section you must agree, and the general consensus was..........If the illigal boats are intercepted in Australian waters the navy or border patrols should forcebly turn the boats round and point them in the direction whence they came, if they are in any trouble then help them out of course but again, send them back. Boats sinking is a tradegy of course but why are we being made to feel guilty, these people were not invited here, why should Australia feel guilt just because they got into Australian waters. No body is against immigration, the world was built on it, 8 of the 12 people i asked are immigrants...but legal ones, thats the difference. The governments stance on this whole issue is woeful to say the least, a hard line needs to be taken, Make it so the people smugglers dont see us as an easy touch, and as earlier stated lots of these people are economic asylum seekers, one guy from Afghanistan had gold bars hidden in his coat. Just a little story from last week, i delivered some furniture to an Indian guy in Seacombe, only been over here for 4 months, got chatting, he originally fled from Idi Amin in Uganda in the 1970s and settled in UK, He was interested that i had left the UK as well, he expliained to me that his family and he left the UK as the country had gone downhill and too many undesirables and illigals were being allowed to enter....His words not mine!!!Also some of the worse racism i have witnessed is NOT black against white, far from it, its been Indians against Pakistanis and Sri Lankans, and Africans against West Indians!!!!! Said my bit, thats it. Simon.
  15. We didn't change supplier as we had already recently done so, but it was nice to meet Heaps Good...putting a face to a name was nice, Good luck Buddy! Simon.

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