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  1. the fishers

    Anyone looking for some rendering work?

    I'd recommend Rentex based in Seaford but work all over. Excellent work and service.
  2. the fishers

    Federal Budget 2014

    HMMMMMM it will most certainly be doom and gloom. Cannot believe Abbott and the Muppett Show are actually in charge of our amazing country. Lets hope government job cuts will include the PM job lol. My husband and I both work in health and rely heavily on shift loading to bump up our fortnightly wages... if rumours are true TA and his crew would like to do away with such shift pay etc. Im not sure anyone will want to work xmas day, easter sunday, Australia Day etc etc without some sort of financial compensation.. Fingers Crossed this doesnt happen !!!
  3. the fishers

    Struggling registered nurse in Adelaide!

    You should take your CV into every hospital, clinic and nursing home directly. I know at Noarlunga Hospital you could take it to the Nursing Admin dept and sell yourself to them.... I assume you are prepared to give any area a shot???? Check the sa health careers website as well. Can't you still apply for an independent visa?? Used to be the 175 I think. Good luck
  4. the fishers

    Anybody seen 'The Wire'..?

    Totally wicked series! Had to watch with subtitles though lol. "The Shield" is pretty good as well. We also loved 24, Prison Break, Breaking Bad and Luther.
  5. the fishers

    Aldinga Bay Surfclub

    Hi Guys Any of you members at Aldinga Surf club?? We have been members at Moana for 4 years but because we live in Aldinga now we would like to move clubs next season. I would like to know about the nipper training times and days etc.. Thanks Heidi x
  6. the fishers

    A question for all Nurses

    My husband was an HDU nurse in UK and did a year ICU in Australia at the RAH, Noarlunga snapped his arm off to employ him with that kind of experience. If you are thinking of ED drop your CV to nursing admin at noarlunga hospital. You never know they may just be looking for staff or they want to put you in the casual pool Good luck
  7. the fishers

    A question for all Nurses

    We lived in port Noarlunga for 3 years, very nice. Anyway Flinders Medical Centre is nearest hospital with ICU, it's about 20 mins from port Noarlunga on express way. Nearest hospital is Noarlunga, no ICU but Ed, surgical and medical wards, renal unit and clinics.
  8. the fishers

    Help - Centrelink

    Hey Cooler just rock up there, go early though cos waiting times can be long Good Luck x
  9. the fishers

    A question for all Nurses

    Get your CV out there, walk into each hospital with a few copies and hand it in personally to Nursing Admin or HR. Sell yourself as the best thing since sliced bread. Thats how my husband landed his job at Noarlunga ED
  10. the fishers

    Spider Sprayers

    Hi Guys Can anyone recommend a good local to Aldinga Beach Spider Spray man or women of course.. Thanks Heidi
  11. the fishers

    What Plants and Shrubs are doing well in your garden??

    Thanks Blossom, yep could be right about waiting to plant advice taken. Will,pop to Myponga for a look tho.
  12. the fishers

    What Plants and Shrubs are doing well in your garden??

    Thanks guys I'm making a list, keep em coming
  13. Hi Guys, We are finally looking at planting in our new garden and we are wondering what plants etc have done well in your gardens?? Look forward to you tips Heidi
  14. Yay you finally built well done guys.... Feels good doesn't it
  15. the fishers

    Employee WANTED

    I have a couple people who I know would be interested are you still looking thanks

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