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OMGOMG - Visa GRANTED (only 1 Year WHV) but still :D

Guest ChrisM91

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Guest ChrisM91

Me: Over the moon, OMG i can't wait. :jiggy::):shocked:


Plans: Umm.. Well..

1: Book a flight

2: Get an Aussie bank account

3: Not sure, maybe some1 can help me?


I believe i want to buy a backpack, start in Adelaide, work at fruit-picking jobs in the Hills, then travel a bit. I am only 19, only ever dreamed of doing this. Any tips, and i mean any would be greatly appreciated. Plan to arrive in Adelaide 2nd week of August (I think).

Please tell me everything you know about Australia :)


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Guest jeffers86

Hey i came on a WHV last year and extended it this march for my 2nd year... only been in Adelaide for perhaps 4 weeks now, job hunting, but i could tell you about the east coast and west coast if that helps?



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Hi Chris

Congrats on getting your WHV....


I got one in 1992(when I was 21)......I had the most fantastic time travelling around Oz and meeting all sorts of fabulous characters!


My tip is to register with the YHA (youth hostels) and when you are travelling through Oz...try and do it overnight (generally these are cheaper on trains/coaches etc)...that way you wont need to pay for overnight accommodation too.


Backpacker places are fab to stay in - many have swimming pools and ensuites...its not a basic as everyone thinks.


Hope this helps.



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Guest ChrisM91

@jeffers86: Yes, please, any hints, places to go, sights to see, tips, ideas, anything you can think of. To put this into perspective, i still don't know what size backpack to buy :P


@likesshopping: thank you for those useful points, will do some research on it later :)


Anybody point me in the direction of opening a simple bank account, little fees etc..etc?


Thanks for your contributions so far, and any other useful handy hints and tips would be appreciated too (ie. Mobile phone, backpack, bank acc, tax file numbers etc anything really) :)



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