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Hi all,

Im looking to go camping in a couple of weekends time, can't find anywhere suitable.

Any ideas????

Here are my requirements i need a campsite that-

a) Allows dogs

b) Allows fires

c) Dont want to be camping right on top of other people!!!!

d) Not too far away!! (hour and half form adelaide??)


Went to CROMER sheds the other week and that was perfect, but alas booked up for the weekend i want to go!!!!

Thanks in advance



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We went out to the woods near Kersbrook - hang on I'll see if I can find the name of the place.


Mount Crawford Forest: http://www.forestry.sa.gov.au/crawford.stm and click on the first pdf on the left hand side.


Whoops looks like you know that already as that's where Cromer Shed is - there are a couple of other similar places listed as well though.

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Guest Weez

oi you!! i have already asked this (hi de hi campers) gonna phone the kuitpo forest one tomorrow, sounds a bit like cromer XX


waaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you copper knob!!:policeman:

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at Kuitpo you are unable to reserve pitches, it is first in best pitched (or was previous years) if you don't want to be camping on top of people, it may not be the site for you, as whilst relatively isolated in your fire pit area, there are lots of people go, last time we were there, it included a scout camp (didn't make for a pleasant trip to the one long drop! :biglaugh:)


it is pretty cool though, remember there is no running water there either, only a rain tank.

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