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  1. foxychick

    Girls night Out, O'Halloran Hill

    You guys can organise one too ?
  2. Way back, when I first arrived, there were lots of meet ups arranged that helped to meet new people and form some lasting friendships and a good support network, a few of us from that era are taking the chance to catch up and welcome all who want a bit of a night out. You may meet someone in a similar location and situation to yourself and form a new lifelong freindship - you may also just have a pleasant night out and never meet up again, either way, its all good. Friday dec 2 at the Victoria hotel, O'Halloran Hill from 8pm Let me know if you are coming so I'm not Billy no mates and so that I have an idea of numbers and I'll try reserve a space!
  3. foxychick

    Entertainment book, Adelaide 2015/16

    I buy one every other year generally, save more than the cost of the book, and give vouchers I won't use away. Makes you go places you might not try without a voucher too. thinking about online version this year as I do agree that otherwise there are vouchers you may have used but don't Good to read people are liking the app version, I believe it also keeps track of what you save?
  4. foxychick

    Blightys British Fish and Chip Shop For Sale

    I think there are mixed comments on this thread, several of them appear to be far from factually correct and I wonder if this thread should be allowed to continue to run or even remain? In commenting that is a business is closing that is apparently not, could cause them unnecessary harm, which doesn't seem very fair. Especially as there appear to be rules about that sort of thing? I know they used this site to promote themselves a LOT before they opened, but not sure all the negative comments are a good thing.
  5. with the older ones I wouldn't worry too much. with the 4 year old, if they are going to be unable to start school, I would look at putting them in one of the good private school's ELC, they appear to be more structured to learning than a lot of kindys (but I have no personal experience with an ELC) Don't know if it would be possible to combine this with a kindy too, so they have 5 full days education each week so as to not lose that habit
  6. foxychick

    British chippy.

    off topic a little, but just had a cornish pasty at Port wakefield. First bakery on the left as you are heading north. Best Cornish Pasty. Other pies were good too.
  7. foxychick

    Advice needed

    expressway is often closed during the day at the moment! Hope you manage to make the long journey OK, the real danger is once you have visited you may want to stay
  8. foxychick

    A plan (of sorts)

    If the school has already said they will take him in term 4 and move him up as a year 1, then I wouldn't worry about missing the first couple of weeks of term. I would just make the plans that best suit your family. You are lucky, the schools in our area point blank refused to accept my child in the similar circumstances I moved my kids school this year and they missed a week at the start of term, then a couple more kids joined a week or so after - its no biggy here. (as I am sure you already know).
  9. foxychick

    Cheapest way to ship or fly a parcel

    try http://www.transglobalexpress.co.uk
  10. foxychick

    Dead Dolphin

    thats awesome - thanks for that
  11. foxychick

    Dead Dolphin

    Bruce n Sheila I was interested in visiting the visitor centre after you last mentioned it, and searched for info at the time, it appeared then (and now) that the centre is only open to schools or groups (pretty sure they don't mean a group of family and friends there!) which is a real shame.
  12. foxychick

    Medicare on a reccie

    As snifter says, reciprocal agreement nod your travel insurance should cover the $800+ ambulance bill if necessary
  13. foxychick

    Increase to employer superannuation payments

    I understand the government is concerned about people going into retirement and are placing the burden on the employer to rectify this problem, however, my concern with this is that it will begin to impact on the number of people an organisation employs, as their wage bill is going to increase by at least 3%, maybe they will just start trimming staff?? Especially in an environment that is getting harder and harder to operate in cost wise.
  14. foxychick

    Fresh Fruit/Veg in Hallett Cove Area

    Try the fruit mart over at ohalloran hill
  15. There are road rides every Saturday morning from tailwind cycles, reynella. I think meet time is 7 am at he moment. Tommorow there Is a Gt demo day at craigburn farm trails If you are interest in test riding some of the gts. 8-3pm. You need your pedals, helmet, driving licence and credit card to test ride.

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