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6 months in


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Have been meaning to sit and write something since being hear after a month but time flys and so much to do.

Well we arrived on October 22nd 2011, we had booked a 5 week rental in Aldinga, a rental car for 3 weeks (so we thought) pick up from airport.

Once we started to get over jet lag we needed to get the ball rolling Nik had a list Medicare, Centrelink, TFN, Health insurance. We spent lots of time going around and getting these sorted as well as the other list we had look at Long term rentals, buy a Car, get a Job and find a school(s) for kids. we slowly but surly ticked these off one by one.

Found long term rental in Seaford Meadows we managed to have a week over lap from our holiday rental to long term rental and with in that week our shippment arrived and deliverd out to us so when we moved in we had all our stuff which made it home.

We bought a 4x4 in the third week and thought we could take the rental car back early only to find out that we only rented the car for two Oop's rental company fine they had my credit card

Applied for Jobs, went for an interveiw. At the interveiw I explanded my situation of not being in the country that long and had not had time to change my Qulifications over to AU certs and that I was in the process of doing this. I felt the interveiw went well and the next day I was offered a job as a trades assistant which I took. Well I found that getting my trades changed over was stessfull If I went down TRA route it could take up to 3months then I would need to apply for a licence with artick which would take more time. Tafe were not interested (did not have agreement with vettesses). Peer were not sure of the process but looked into it for me and eventuly were able to run me through the program, trades tests and assesments to gain my Cert 3 in refrgeration. I was then able to apply for my licence all took around 3 months. I also applied for electrical cert B licence, Once I gained these. hard work began. Well not really We work a 38 hour week some overtime (better than the Uk 50-60hours week) and pay better than UK.:biggrin:

Got James in to school at Seaford Rise Primary Jemma going to Seaford 6-12 they are both getting on really well and have made lots of friends. Nik is looking for a job but cant find anything with hours to suit so at the moment so is helping doing voluntary work.

Well over the summer/xmas we spent plenty of time exploring the City surrounding suburbs, Victor Harbour, Murry Bridge all amazing places. The summer days were the best getting back from work and still having time to meet up with Nik and the kids on the beach or fishing, bike riding, surfing all things I would of not had time for back in the UK. weekends down on Silver sands, South port, Norlunga beach so many places to go and see.

We have had a visitor from the Uk back in March when Niks Mum came to visit and it was great to show her around and show her the the things we had fallen in love with, Niks Mum also fell in love with place and now is looking in to getting a visa to move over.

We came over as a family of four No other family or friends in Australia. when we talk to family back home we get asked. do we regret the move? my answer not one bit!. We have made good friends, We get on well with the people at work the kids have made freinds and are happy.


Its not been easy but its been worth it.:smile:

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Guest K.gordon

sounds like you've all settled in really well. We can't wait to start our journey, hopefully arriving mid July time. Glad all has worked well for you all.

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Guest AngPhil

Sounds fantastic, glad everything is working out.


We move at the beginning of August with our two boys, we don't know anyone either. My OH is an electician too, so you have really put my mind at rest today.





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Great post - I love reading about people who are settling in, makes me feel slightly more confident about what is coming!


Out of interest, do you have a link to the short term rental in aldinga please?


Hi we booked through Century 21. the address was Unit 6/9 aldinga beach road, Aldinga sa5173


This was a lovely rental all the amenities, close to beach (one road back) and close to shops and eateries, quite far from City but we found it a great place to start.

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Lovely post, Jim and Nic. We totally agree with your sentiments. This journey is not easy but the place, the people and the lifestyle make it all worthwhile. Glad you still feel the same....4 months ahead of us. Can't wait to experience more summer!


Lyn x

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