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I have 4 tickets for Tues 24th Sept.


My husband has a promotion at work, which means his leave is factored into his shift pattern. We have planned a trip to the UK next year (first since we arrived, will be nearly 6 years by then). It turns out that his leave period is 5th Sept - 5th Oct 2013. As you can see the 1D concert falls slap bang in the middle.!!!!!


My daughters are really disappointed and are trying to persuede us to postpone our trip until April 2014.


There are many reasons we want to go next year so we are wroking on it.


I just wanted to put some feelers out and see if anyone was interested in the tickets, which obviously helps towrds our decision.


I will make a definite decision in the next couple of days so watch this space.



Many thanks for your enquiries



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Seating plan.gifHi there Sorry to jump on your thread but I have four tickets that I want to sell. I bought some for a friend who rang me in a panic as she couldnt get tickets then managed to get some for her self whilst I was mid purchase. They are for the Monday 23/9/2013, section B1 row P, four tickets together. I am expecting the tickets to arrive soon. Am open to offers, drop me a pm.



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I feel so old lol :wideeyed:


I read this thread yesterday and could not work out what the hell a 1D was. And then last night while being kept awake by poorly son it hit me. One Direction. The mass hysteria walking hormone rush for girls everywhere :tongue:


They are so popular, I am sure you won't have any problems shifting the tickets on if you need to :)

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