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    Hi all,


    We've been clearing out some old furniture in the in laws' garage (or shed - still getting used to that one) in time for summer and it's all going free to a good home.


    They renovated their house a couple of years back and replaced a lot of furniture so this stuff's been sitting in their shed - but it's all in generally good condition and comes from a smoke/pet/geriatric free home.


    Perfect as a stop-gap if your stuff's still shipping or if you've just arrived without too much in the way of belongings. Or if you just like free stuff.


    We cannot deliver so you'd need access to a van or similar for most of these things. However, I am more than happy to help you load up. All dimensions (w=width, d=depth, h=height) are in cm.


    We're based in Glenelg East and someone can be available at most times during the day. If you're interested in anything please pm me.


    In true Generation Game style I'll run past what's on offer:



    1) Floral 3-seat sofa and armchair. Pretty good condition for age - the pattern's a bit faded and it has a couple of scuffs here and there but it's comfy and perfectly functional. Sofa dimensions = 206w, 85d, 85h. Armchair dimensions = 89w, 92d, 85h.






    2) Green vintage velour 3 seat sofa. The vintage look is very much 'in' at the moment - so be the envy of all of your friends with this little beauty. It's in pretty good condition for its age - the main point to mention is a little sun fading to the top of the back cushions where they have turned a little yellow. It has a few marks here and there but probably dates from the 70s so that's to be expected. If you don't get it, one of those trendy new coffee shops probably will. Dimensions - 210w, 72d, 85h.






    3) Very study metal-framed futon-style double sofabed. It's heavy duty, it's surprising comfortable (although due to being a foam-filled mattress it's not the smoothest sleeping surface, more 'engulfing'), it's also surprisingly big. Dimensions are 200w, 94h, 99d. Not much more to say really.






    4) Brown, metal framed/sprung folding double sofabed. Let's face it, it's not the prettiest piece of furniture but it'll do the job. We'll call it the "functional" look. It's metal framed and very easy to fold out/fold up. One arm has some cosmetic damage as per photo. A couple of other minor marks here and there in accordance with age. Folded dimensions = 165w, 93d, 79h.







    5) Bamboo-style 2 seater sunroom sofa. Frame in good condition for age. Cushions have a few marks in line with age but would be very easy to re-cover (unless you're particularly fond of the current 'Hawaiian' theme). I imagine all of the Bee Gees have them. Dimensions = 118w, 83d, 85h.






    6) Very sturdy office/computer desk. Looks stunning in Battleship Grey. Has drawers for keeping stuff in. One big drawer, one smaller drawer. Enables you to easily sort stored items according to size. Is very heavy-duty and therefore heavy. As far as I can see it does not easily come apart so you would need a van to collect it. At least you know it won't collapse when you're standing on it whilst hanging the Christmas decorations up. Dimensions = 136w, 73h, 75d.


    Goes very well with...


    7) Office chair. As sturdy as they get. All little wheely bits are present and correct. Sit down, relax and pretend you're the boss. At least until the wife gets home...







    8) Solid wood bookcase. For books or miscellaneous items. Dimensions 96w, 93h, 28d.







    9) Solid wood double wardrobe. Again, it's big and heavy. It has a few knocks and scuffs gained through storage but being solid wood it would respond extremely well to a rub-down and a wax or varnish. It's a pretty nice piece of furniture really. It's also missing a door knob but these can be picked up for a dollar or two at Bunnings. Dimensions are 122w, 68d, 200h. If you discount the valance at the top the dimensions of the main body are 116w, 61d, 200h.







    10) Sharp 27 inch CRT TV. Good working order and good cosmetic condition. Remote control is unfortunately missing but buttons on set work fine and you can pick up a multi-purpose remote control for very little money now. I've double-checked and the old man from Poltergeist DEFINITELY isn't inside. Dimensions = 79w, 50d, 58h.







    11) Solid wood coffee table. Pop your coffee on it. Or some magazines. Or a pot plant. The possibilities are endless! Dimensions = 123w, 48h, 60d.



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    Guest sammy123


    we are interested in the wardrobe do u have any pics at all


    thank you :)

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    If they're not showing then you can go to my "furniture" picture album via my profile. You should be able to figure out which photo belongs to each description...

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    Bookshelf, desk, chair and wardrobe have now gone to happy homes.


    The beautiful sofas are still available though - why not treat yourself?

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    Hi all,


    Just to let you know all of the furniture has now gone to good homes.


    Well, I say good - the bloke who took the floral sofa said he was going to use it in the garden for his 25th birthday party and then set fire to it. Poor sofa/environment/neighbours...


    Thanks for all your interest!


    PS - the divan beds I mentioned are still available.

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