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Case Officer Replied but im confused.


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HI Friends,

I applied 190 visa in December 2013 and Case Officer allocated in February 2014. After one month( today) my agent received email from CO that


Each year visa planning levels are set by the government for the programme year which forms the Migration Programme. The Migration Programme determines the maximum number of visas that can be granted in each visa category each year.

The Direction specifies that Migration Programme planning levels take precedence over priority processing arrangements which can affect the order in which applications are considered during the programme year.

As of February 2014, the Skilled Regional Sponsored GSM category has a limited number of visa places remaining.

The remaining places will be allocated in line with the priority processing arrangements as follows:

· decisions on state and territory nominated subclass 190 and 489 applications; then

· family sponsored subclass 489 applications ; and

· any other Skilled Regional Sponsored GSM applications currently in the final stages of processing. This includes subsequent entrant subclass 489 applications which are exempt from the priority processing arrangements.

This will mean processing times may be longer and that once the remaining places are used, the department cannot grant any application until the following program year, unless more visa places become available. Until that time, I cannot guarantee that your client’s application will be decided in the immediate term, nor can I give an indication as to the likely timeframe. You can be assured, however, that the department will contact you when we are ready to finalise this visa application.


Till yesterday i was very happy but now im very disappointed and thinking how long does it take to grant visa. please suggest me what to do because I already resigned my job and my last day will be April mid week. My concern is that if I didnt received by April what to do??????

Pleeeeeeeease tell me can I get the visa by April 2014?????????????

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It sounds unlikely. They are saying their slots for the 'year' are nearly full. Your visa class is in the category which will get processed first, but if they grant enough visas before yours that they run out of places you will have to wait until at least July.

Why on earth did you give your notice in at work? There is nothing you can do to get your visa quicker.

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I think it is most important to realise, as Claire points out in her post today, http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/adelaide-migration-issues/41695-regarding-recently-announced-delays.html that anything can happen before you actually have the visa.

It is granted at the behest of the Govt and they can change the rules, or quotas at any time.

I would go back to your employer and see if you can rescind your resignation to a later date. They may be glad of more time to find someone to take your place.

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I received the same reply from my case office. .I also applied on December 2013 (489 visa).. we have nothing in hand to do except waiting. . And I pray you receive your visa before mid of april .. relax and just think positively. . Every delay has a reason and surely a positive impact. Cheers,

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There is no guarantee of getting a visa. Visa grants for Australia undergoes cycles of delays, rejections and fast processing applications. That's a normal process for every immigration country, because they adjust the demand in several occupations from time to time. Now it seems to be again the time of delaying visa applications like it was many times before.


I remember a time, 2009/2010 I suppose, when my husband's job was removed from the sol without warning. Luckily, it came back on the sol in the new financial year 2010.

Also all applicants in the last category of pr applications (family sponsored ones) were cancelled after years of waiting and refunded their application fees. In 2010 all other applications were on hold without any announcement because they reached the ceiling.


Why on earth have you given notice to your job? Most people don't understand the complex (economic) backgrounds and the many variables of getting or not getting a visa. Intensive research and speaking to migrants who made the move before leaving a job would be appropriate.

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