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Great White Shark pinched me fish!!!!!!!

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Guest Guest75

What an eventful day out fishing today.

Did a 60 K round trip with my good friend Matt ( Cornishbusdriver on here).


We were nice and settled over a wreck we fish, pulling in loads of Slimey Mackerel which are great bait.


Pulled one 3 kg Snapper in .


A bit later I hooked up to a real biggie Snapper - could have beaten my personal best of 28lb just by the feel of him on the line alone.


I'm playing him and gradually pulling him up the 30m of water when the line went slack and the fish started coming towards me!

Never known this.

Then Matt says "I can see colour" - I looked and saw a lot more "colour" than I wanted to in the shape of a Great White Shark follow

We gets the fish to the side and realises there is only the head left . We pulls it up sharp and there by the side of the boat is the shark looking pretty angry.

Awesome to see!!:swoon:


He hung around for a while and then buzzed off.


Bittersweet as that could have been my largest ever Snapper - we reckon the head alone weighed in at 5 kilos.


Plenty of bait caught for next trip though. 3 buckets of Slimey Mackere Yeehaaaa!!!





Slimies......... Yes they are as well!



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Guest Guest75
Cool! Why didn't you take pics of the shark?


Because ............


A) I was busy calming down.:biglaugh:


B) Not sticking my head or anything over the side as he rubbed up againts the boat a couple of time.:biglaugh:

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