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Car imports


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Finally here she is after a long 3 months...... After being given my Mini convertible by my husband for a wedding present the decision to bring her with us was easy.... More for sentimental reasons than monetary value! We knew it was going to be a painful process when the decision was made especially after all the research and posts on PIA.... However after 2 weeks of sitting in the garage being lovingly adored by moi...Macy is finally SA road legal! Was it a painful process? Well actually not that bad!

Yes she has had the most expensive car wash ever at $250 and wasn't even clean... Just sprayed with what can only be described as perming lotion (ammonia) (tick)

next stop SA service centre to hand deliver all the import permits to dept of transport (a very helpful and friendly member of staff on hand to give info and advice) (tick) next the wait for the statement of requirements to drop through the letter box..... 3 days later

Next.... Obtain an unregistered car permit ($42) and of we went to pick her up from the relocation company (caution: make sure they have reconnected the battery) before heading to regency park for id inspection. (Again very friendly and helpful staff!....tick) back home for a snooze in the garage.....

next.. Book a roadworthy inspection at regency park....... Ah this is where the fun starts, not to mention the financial hole in the pocket!

Obtain another unregistered car permit... Again $42..... And off we go...regency park look out!

So all i can say is it must be similar to prison... Book in at reception and you are not allowed to leave the waiting room until you are called by the inspector!

So my name was called and i went to take my car to bay 1.......OH NO! FLAT BATTERY! (Hang on have the relocation company re connected the battery??????......er NO!) panic over the friendly inspector helped me out!

Next.... The daunting task of driving her onto the ramps without falling off!....... Before sitting for what must have been the longest 45 minutes of my life to watch the inspection! (Tick)

45 mins later..... Voila! Theres your certificate off you go and get her registered....WHAT????? No new seatbelts? No new spedo? No new mirrors? "No" came the answer "everything is fine" (very friendly and helpful staff, relax and enjoy the banter)


Off we go.....was it worth it????? HELL YES! Was it as painful as we thought? NO not really!

I say GO FOR IT!

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It must be hard without your boy, ShazlouD, but at least when he comes home he'll have free access to the beach!


No Daylight Savings time restrictions for him!


Bet you cannot wait to see how excited he will be with it all!


Hey, just thought! We should have a 'Welcome Home, Dylan, Meetup'!!!! (Or is it just too obvious I'm just out to meet him??)


:wubclub: LC

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How much was it, if you don't mind me asking, to import the mini? We are considering importing our 2010 reg mini as she is in perfect condition.


Hi linda

not really sure of the total cost its worked out in quite a complicated way You might be worth getting some shipping quotes.... It really depends on how much you love your car! Mine was a wedding present from my husband so was worth every penny to me... Oh and its a convertible so fun in the sun! Good luck with it all.

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