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  1. shazlouD

    British foods

    Being an original West Yorkshire girl (huddersfield) Seabrook were and still are the best! However i did find them on the other side of the Pennines Aka Lancashire when we were home for a visit in July! SEABROOK.............it's a northern thing
  2. shazlouD

    British foods

    PRAWN COCKTAIL CRISPS....... Got to be seabrook! Oh and chippy fish chips n curry sauce!
  3. shazlouD

    Pet quarantine q's

    Hi Carrie. I think it was about $350 with dogtainers
  4. shazlouD

    New little aussie

    So cute! Loving the name! Congratulations
  5. shazlouD

    Top 10

    We gave our chiminea to family!! BIG MISTAKE! 2 boxes of bacon fries from coop winter clothes electric blanket primark cold, crisp autumn days Morrisons lamb seasoning packets warburtons bread chargrilled chicken seasoning cod, chips and curry sauce from the chippy! Them were the days!
  6. shazlouD

    A warning about Windscreen Sun Shades

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo funny!
  7. I got a job in april.... Did not put visa status on cv.. All explained at interview, happy days
  8. shazlouD

    Pet quarantine q's

    Hi chris our dog arrived from the uk around March time and we were really worried about the flight quarantine etc... He stayed in melbourne quarantine station for 10 days and we chose not to visit him as we didnt want to distress him further. However I rang Spotswood every other day to check on how he was doing which they didnt have a problem with. All was fine and Dylan had no sooner adapted than he was whisked off on the flight to adelaide (all sorted through a pet transport company) where we picked him up at the Toll depot! I must say when he arrived he seemed to be the happiest he could be given the circumstances and enjoyed going mad on the beach on arrival! The best was realising that after 3 months he hadnt forgotton us!
  9. Hi Adam i work in greenwith and wynn vale schools (not a teacher) and love working in both of them but if i had to pick greenwith would just take it!
  10. shazlouD

    Happy Yorkshire Day!!

    Yes LC the war of the roses.... The house of york(white) and the house of lancaster (red) hence the rivalry between Yorkshire and lancashire!TD will know all about it! Hence why im a pink rose but make great Yorkshire puddings
  11. shazlouD

    Happy Yorkshire Day!!

    Sorry about the 3 photos of THE MOST AMAZING YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS EVER!!!!! But they are AMAZING! Ha x
  12. shazlouD

    Happy Yorkshire Day!!

    Erm i dont know LC apparently the house of LANCASTER and the house of YORKSHIRE! The war of the roses! red rose and the white rose... I definitely sit on the fence having parents from both sides of the pennines! The big hills that separate us and get blocked by snow every year! But as you can see the best yorkshire puddings come from yorkshire!
  13. shazlouD

    Happy Yorkshire Day!!

    Now this is truly Yorkshire........deffo not aunt bessis!
  14. shazlouD

    Where has my baby gone?!

    Oooh claire come on not sure about the dating thing...... You know Dylan gets a complex when it comes to other boy dogs! Lers call it a play day! On the beach most mornings x

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