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I've arrived!


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If dogs could talk...." What an emotional and exhausting day! After that 10 days learning the didgeridoo, barking and howling to be released..... Finally....someone came to my rescue....bundled me back into that timber box and put me on what appeared to be a big bird in the sky! I had a little snooze but it was a shorter adventure this time! I was greeted by a very nice man and THEN....... 2 sounds i'd not heard for ages..... My mum and dad!!!!! Yippeeee! I was really thirsty and felt a drip of water but it was really salty (that was my mum) so after a lovely welcome they took me to this new place which had the longest corridor in the world and i practiced running and sliding before having a well earned drink and some lunch. Then they showed me this big green space at the back of the house.... Amazing but even better something i never thought i would see again EVER.... My rugby league ball! Didn't get time to play though, i was bundled back in the car and taken to the seaside and found my frisbee which i loved! After that i was REALLY thirsty so i encouraged them two to go for some of that stuff grumpy grandad used to give me! (Beer froth) It was great! Then we went back to that cool place where i ran and skid down the corridor, went and relieved myself on that big green space, had a munch on a bone and some strawberry tops n now I'm getting lots of cuddles and lounging on the poof And sofa! What a FANTASTIC day! Lots of woofs and licks

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Hey Dylan,


How ya goin'?


Come hang with us biatches!


We go down the beach all the time ( think you called it 'the seaside' bless; you pommie dogs!) and it's sooo good. Not only is there so much to smell and mark but there's the sea....it is such a tease 'cos it runs away from us! Mind you, if you just go in you can swim, which is great for us Cockers, though my sis is a Maltese so she only comes in because of me. Ha! The power!!!


Just a tip, don't sniff crabs (they are nose-nippers), those tiny blue-ringed octopus (they're kind of blobby and mean like proper cats but can actual KILL you) or those fish that puff up (they have mystical powers and can apparently kill you even if they are dead!!!).


Remember to roll in as many fabulous smells as possible and all that salty, black, crispy stuff because the smells can be ...oooh, spine tinglingly delicious...and the seaweed (snicker, lols, what mad human called it that?!) gets into your coat the way only bindis mormally do and you know how our family like having something to do ;)


Finally, I don't think you get this where you came from, but try the roo. The meat is so yum and their bones are even better! Smoked is my favourite but with vegies is totally yummo too. A word of advice, wait till the roo is completely dead and in a shop before biting it; they are stupid, bounding animals with longer, but less attractive, tails than ours. Also, we are told they are always looking for a fight....


Your Mum and Dad met ours once and, apparently, you are the best cocker EVER. We'll see about that!!


Onya, Dylls.


Licks 'n' sniffs,


LC's Girls

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wish I could like posts twice! great post, your girls will love Dyl LC! he's had a steak bone but not ventured onto what he classes as exotic meats! Dylbag accepts now he's here he's got contenders to his crown as BCITWE and is up for the challenge.........it's a dog-off!!

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