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    Inspired by Tamara's thread from about a year ago I finally got out and took some photos of my local area (Rostrevor). I was mostly wanting to show my parents where I live as they are unlikely to ever visit but I thought I would share some of them with people on here. It looks like I can only add 5 photos per post though so there will be a few posts to be added.


    The picnic area at Morialta Conservation park. This is just about a 2 minute walk from our house.



    The road entrance to Morialta Conservation park. Morialta falls are a short walk from the car park at the end of this road. According to the signs the falls have water running all year round but I've never been up in the height of summer to check for myself.



    Rostrevor College, the local Catholic boys private school.




    The view from behind Rostrevor College.



    Not easy to see, but this is the middle school campus of Norwood Morialta High School, the local state school. Between the sun and all the kids doing outside activities it was a bit hard to get a better photo of the actual school.


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    Each of the reserves below has a children's playground in it as well as plenty of open green space and trees.








    The local scout hall, right by the creek.



    The creek is the Fourth Creek and running by the side of the creek is the Fourth Creek Trail (imaginatively named). This runs from Morialta Conservation park down to the Torrens Linear Park area. In theory it's possible to walk from Rostrevor down to West Beach / Henley Beach along the creek and river, but it's not something I would want to attempt.


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    Campbell Town library, complete with Toy Library.




    Rostrevor tennis club, complete with club building and six tennis courts. Not much of a tennis player myself but there nearly always seems to be something happening, either social tennis, coaching or tournaments.



    Stradbroke primary school, the local state primary.



    Stradbroke has the creek running down one side of it and they make use of this natural resource for the kids learning experience.



    And for the religious among us, the local church. I have to admit I've only been inside here once and that was for my eldest's graduation from primary school.


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    Some good photos there - it's nice to see the top end of the city because now we're so far down we rarely go back up and out that way; really should make the effort.


    As for photos for family who aren't likely to visit we do a blog, it was monthly but it's more like every two months now things have settled a bit (although we haven't done a Christmas one yet!) - it's just named after us but I always think we should rename "All of the Sunshine none of the Tears" because we never put anything but nice photos up; it makes our lives here look amazing rather than school/work/shopping/cooking/cleaning.....

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