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887 Visa Processing time - need every applicants support

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Hi Applicants.

Need more unity, motivation and BIG sound for this 887 visa processing time- delay problem.It was only 3-5 months processing time in mid -2017. Now,it has increased to 22 months(Nearly 2 years.

on the visa categories page, the Home Affairs had clearly specified you are eligible for PR after being in the regional area for 2 years. Now we have to wait for 4 years in the regional areas to get the PR, may be more if we don't make any sound .How badly this impact to you , your partner and your children????? having the university degrees and high qualifications how many of you are stuck in the meat factories? farms? cleaning jobs and many more unskilled work? How many of your partners faced for job rejections because of not having the PERMANENT RESIDENCY status? How many of you paying full fees to the childcare centers, vacation centers ? How many of you paying someone else's mortgage payments? This is so wrong. We are immigrants, but not illegals. we all came to serve this country.We are here to fulfill their skill shortage but not to stuck in unskilled work till they give us the permission.

Did you all see what happened to the illegal immigrant Biloela family?? How did they come back, while being deported to their back home? Did you see how much attention the government gave them?The government had to do something as every got to know this news through the media. Do you know that they spend $20,000 per day only for them? So,why we are suffering like this? Is that because we migrated to this country after paying all the visa fees , came lawfully , doing all the hard ,unskilled work for many years as graduates and paying all the taxes? Did you think, how this visa processing delay impact to all of our lives? 

How many of you sign the petition and share it, so far? It started 1 year ago and still have 3700 signatures. This is a shame . At least  you have to contribute to the people who speak for you.

We have to send this problem to the MEDIA.Media is the strongest arm to wake up the government. It will make a big impact . Think about this .......... Speak to your MP'S in the area. They are not only for our votes.We need a fair waiting period.Our silence doesn't make any change to OUR problem

The government has introduce another regional visa from this month.That means our waiting time will drag on for more years.Why can't they use more staff for this delay?If they are under staff , why can't they privatize this and give us a fair approval? We are asking , what they promised us to offer while we were applying to migrate. It is not an unfair request. We can't waste our life time; it is short. we can't waste our valuable education and qualification what we hardly gain from our countries ,we can't waste our dreams and mainly we can't waste our children's future.

Please, make a BIG SOUND! we can do it.We only asking a fair waiting period for, what they promised for us.



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I agree with you mate. We promised to live lawfully and serve this country. Also, I wanted to add please fill their FB and twitter pages as much we can.

3700 people who signed, they just have to put comments three times in a day " Reduce 887 processing time as promised" 3700*3 = 10100 commets in a day. In 7 days days they will get 70,000 comments.

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