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What a day! We have to laugh or we would cry!

Guest Trakki

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Well, what can I say about today apart from I wish it had never started.


We took Jack and Sophie to school at the usual time and then off we went with Niamh and Joe to the Colonnades to get some more bits and pieces for the house and to do the weekly food shop. We wandered around, took our time as we were in no rush then headed home, we had been out of the house for about 2 hours. Pete (Django) wentin the house first and I heard him shout something about running water, when I went to investigate there was indeed running water, about an inch worth in the dining room, two inches in the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet and draws were full of cascading water!!! We were paddling around and the carpet in the hall and the childrens bedrooms was sodden. The tap in the basin in the bathroom was running, not a lot, not really enough to flood a house but then we discovered that the drains were blocked so even though the water was't running fast it had nowhere to go. So instead of the nice quite afternoon at home we spent the day mopping up. Then I discovered that the water had gone into the kids rooms and where their cupboards are was soaked. Unfortunately as our furnature has not arrived yet all their t-shirts etc were in piles on the floor. (we had actually just bought hanging shelves for them) These were all totally soaked through. So while Pete took the carpets up and mopped up, then the mop broke, I was hanging the clothes out. I was intending spending the day handwashing clothes anyway (no washing machine yet) but instead had 4 childrens worth of clothes to dry!!! So all this was done and we decided to head down to the beach with the children once we had collected Jack and Sophie from school and have a BBQ on the beach as me and Pete needed to get out of the house. So off we headed to the beach and got all set up when I noticed that the blanket we were sitting on was wet. Then we realised that NIamh had no nappy on!! SHe has decided in the last few days to potty train! So our idealic beach set up was now wee'd on!!!:arghh:. Anyway we had our sausage sandwiches and having a lovely timewhen we got a phone call from the landlady to see if she could come and see the damage, (we had phoned estate agent about the blocked drain) so we had 20 mins to clean up and head home, bumped into happy jools and family but couldn't realy chat for long as we had to get back. In the car on the way back I bribed the kids into behaving while the landlady was in the house. Got home and she was waiting, she is lovely and is sorting everything, while she was with Pete looking at the damage, I heard a smashing sound, Jack then told me that Niamh had smashed the light, Ilook in the living rom to see shattered glass all over the floor and the mop handle laying on the floor. I pushed as much to the side as possible and when the ladnlady went passed the living room put myself between he and the living room so she wouldn't see it. She went out the door and then said 'I'll give you my number incase of any other problems' and started walking back towards the living room, luckily my phone was in the car so I diverted her there. She started to go again and then decided that she would look to see if the walls had got wet so there was me side stepping next to her as she came back into the house. As she goes back into the bathroom I start manically moving more of broken light out of the way. Then she is done again! and once again I am doing a funny sidestep passed the living room, then we finally shut the door and I tell Pete (who had no idea what was going on) what had happened, then s knock on the door and it is her again just to give us some info, she didn't come in this time! So she is finally gone and we have to clear the glass up without the use if a hoover (havn't got one yet)


The plummer is coming tomorrow to sort it. The landlady os probably wondering what she has done letting the house to us, we have only been here a week. The last tenants she had wrecked the house so she is probably worried now and to top it all off thinks I have a very strange way of walking!!!:biglaugh:


You have to laugh or you would cry:arghh::arghh:


Roll on tomorrow

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Guest katsmajic

OH MY GOD! what a day, thank goodness you can laugh about it, there has to be something good to come out of it somewhere!


Good luck with the drying out - at least the weather is nice to dry out the house too...

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Guest Lulujim

Tracey - that sounds like the day from hell!! :err: But I have to say it's the only thing that's made me laugh out loud all week... hope it's all sorted now.


Thanks for the PM too, will catch up in a week or 2.


Take care x

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Thanks everyone for youe words of support, forgot to say that it was Niamh that had left the tap running, decided she would brush her teeth herself. And although he blamed Niamh it was Jack that smashed the light with the broken mop handle pretending to be a ninja!!


Oh well tomorrows another day!!

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most deffinitly you are not getting bored :biglaugh: - sorry, but i am laughing with you!


phewww, great sidestepping around the broken glass ...


i hope the day ended nicer than it started!!! :wubclub:

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Guest caoimhe

After reading yours and Pete's post lately I am wondering how soon it could be before we could buy a house, as the thought of my 4 hooligans running around someone else's property is putting my off going :mad:

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