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Things to do in Melbourne


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Ok, heading over to Victoria to take daughter to see Wicked shortly, have two full days there to fill - we're staying in the CBD. Anyone got any good suggestions? Thinking about the aquarium and maybe finding a market to browse around, but if anyone has any other places they can suggest, or good places to eat...?? We'll be there on a Friday and a Saturday.

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The aquarium is good. Walk along the river on the Southbank side, there are lots of restaurants and cafes (they are not cheapthough,but the location is great) At the other end by the Flinders St bridge there is a mall with a really good food court and some interesting shops. There are two observation towers, one in the CBD and one in Southbank. Last lift to the top is about 9 or 9.30.


Take your daughter to the Basement of Myer, just the layout of the clothes in different areas is interesting to look at. It's all for young people. There is also the DFO in Spencer St next to the station. Daughter picked up some cheap shoes and FCUK jeans for $25 earlier this year.


Take a tram out to St Kilda and look at the cake shops, these sell fancy cakes and are famous. There is also a great gelati shop there too. Don't bother with Luna Park, except to look at the entrance. It's free to go in, but the rides are Hmmmm.

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Guest Rob and Clare

The only extra things extra I can suggest is to get a coach to Phillip Island to see Penguins on Parade, i know you can see these little penguins on Granite Island as well, but when we went to Philip Island there were 100's of them... Just wrap up warm there... We went in Feb and it was freezing...




Healsville Sanctuary is supposed to be the best in oz... It was good and we enjoyed it, but it's not that different to clealand. but the drive through the dandenongs was good to see on the way.

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Guest TC for short

Eggs benedict for breakfast at the cafe in Federation Square.

Take the City Circle tram around it's whole route (free).

A drink at the bar beside the river, below Fed Square.

Dinner at one of the restaurants in Hardware Lane. Eat outside & enjoy the jazz bands (one at each end).

A stroll along the South Bank. Have an ice-cream & a drink outside.

Window-shop along the top end of Collins St, up from the theatre where Wicked is showing. Known as the "Paris" end due Gucci, Chanel etc.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride around town. Good value if there's a few of you.

The Melbourne Eye might be open now, in the Docklands. Not a big as London's, and quite possible in entirely the wrong place!

You'll need a car if you want to go to Healesville. I don't think it's that impressive, but Healesville Hotel does a great steak, & don't forget to grab a case of wine from Chandon's vineyard (the Vic operation of Moet et Chandon) as you pass.

If you do have a car, take Puffing Billy through the Dandenongs. You'll need a picnic (only a very second-rate cafe at the "lake") & make sure you sit at the edge of the carriages & dangle your legs out. Especially as you go over the viaduct!

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Thanks everybody, some great suggestions! We won't have a car unfortunately (but that does mean I can have a glass or two of wine!) and only have two full days there, but we are going to fit in as much as we can! Shopping will be a bit limited due to only having hand luggage allowance on the plane - probably not such a bad thing though - and the forecast is for thunderstorms and 16 degrees!!!! Now I know why we chose to live in sunny Adelaide instead.....

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