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Getting rid of Garbage,Rubbish etc


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Since moving in to our rented property we seem to be fighting a losing battle getting rid of our weekly waste,tons of cardboard from furniture purchases,food packaging,bottles,cartons,plastic bottles etc,with 5,sometimes 6 of us in the house and one small wheelie that fits just 2 binbags in.The recycle bin is full the day after it has been emptied!Just wondered if anyone else has this problemo?Que?

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Guest graandjac

Hi Sue not shure where you are but you can get rid of all your carboard for free in lonsdale , not sure of the name but its down the road where the Animal rescue centre is, sea side of Dyson road if your heading to towards the city.

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Guest Guest75
and don't forget you get 10c per drink can, juice carton, beer can/bottle, milk drink carton at certain recycling places! It alladds up,my daughter got $52 last time we took all the bottles etc down.



You alochofrolic you!!!


Same again next week;):biglaugh:

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Guest guest569
And there was me worried when we last popped down and got $46.00.........460 empty beer bottles and tinnies.........:shocked:

All yours Graham will be down to celebrating your lucky streak !!!!:biglaugh:

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