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We got our 176 Visa !!

Guest vijnit

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Hi Guys,

Just to say we got a call from our agent yesterday that we have been approved for 176 skilled sponsored visa ! Yay! Cant wait to get out of the UK. Just not a good place to be anymore.

We hope to be leaving the UK end of April 09, just after celebrating our little one's (Aryans) 1st birthday. Plus this will give us time to wind up here in the UK, rent house out, leave job, cancel this and that, etc..


Oh question, does anyone have a list or know of any sites where theres a general emigration checklist for people to consider etc when exiting the UK, i don't want to get to Adelaide, and then remember i forgot to tell Sky to cancel my contract, or the blah blah company to cancel this etc. so it would be helpful if there was some kind of reference list somewhere to look at. With a bit of luck we have 4 months to wind up things anyway and we won't forget anything !



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Congratulations on getting the visa. Its the best feeling ever isn't it. Not really to sure were to get the list on the internet but someone on here will know. I get the Australia magazine each month and it does have a checklist in there.

Congrats again and good luck with everything.

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Guest Avastar

Congrats on your visa :)


Here's the list we've been using...


Before you move


12 months to go


Make sure you have at least 2 years left on your passports.


Dig out all your personal paperwork, including birth, adoption and marriage certificates, employment refeences, driving licences and qualifications.


Apply for your visas


Update your CV to make it suitable for the Oz/Kiwi market place.


Start job hunting.


Put your house on the market.


Get your finances in order, consolidate bank accounts and reduce debts.


Consider talking to your employer about your migration plans.


Talk to your childrens schools about your plans and ask them to prepare hand-over files.


Discuss your plans with extended family and friends.


6 months to go


Get quotes from removals companies and flights and get them booked.


If you are shipping pets, make sure they are fully innoculated and fir to travel. Your vet can advise you.


Get quotes and book pet shipment.


Sell any unwanted items of furniture and clear out cupboards.


Clean and paint any garden tools and furniture you plan to take. Items with soil on will be denied entry at customs.


Give formal notice to your employer and ensure you get your P45.


Ask your doctor, dentist,optician for your hand-over files.


Open an Oz/Kiwi bank account.


Set up a trading account with a currency broker.


Request credit references from your bank,building society or any other lending agent.


Identify temporary accommodation in case your house sells sooner than expected and you have to move out



2 months to go


Track down temporary accommodation in Oz/NZ.


Book accommodation for each destination on route.


Register children in new schools.


Book accommodation in OZ/NZ for pets.


Start having Goodbye parties now as time runs away at the end.


Organise all birthday cards and presents for the next 3 months.


Request up to date statements on any endowments, pensions and investments.


Depending on your tenancy agreement, give notice to your landlord if renting your property.



1 month to go


Give your change of address to your bank, passport office, DVLA, pension company, inland revenue, insurance brokers and accountants.


Bring council tax and utilities up to date and cancel accounts for TV, internet, phone and insurance.


Go to a car book sale to sell any items you don't want to take with you, or donate them to a charity shop.


Arrange all your post to be redirected to a friend or relative.


Transfer funds to Oz/NZ.


Start packing non essential items.


Collect all hand-over files from doctor, dentist, optician, schools etc.


Arrange some private health cover for Oz/NZ if required.


Pay off any outstanding debts.


Close any surplus bank accounts and destroy unwanted cards.


Shred any personal records you are not taking and dispose of.


Confirm the removalists are booked.


Ensure all your relevant paperwork is in a handy travel file.


Cancel any redundant direct debits or standing orders.


Ask for a copy of your No Claims Bonus from your insurance company.



1 week to go


Cancel any newspapers, milk or satellite TV subscriptions.


Sell your car, bike, van or any other transport you wont be needing.


Cancel car insurance.


Buy some currency for each destination on route to Oz/NZ.


Throw more Goodbye parties!


Ensure that yur gods are either about to leave the UK or are on their way Down Under.


Organise any presents and cards your children may want to send to their friends prior to leaving.



1 day to go


Make sure transport to the airport is organised and will arrive in plenty of time for the flight.


Establish who will be coming to the airport to say goodbye.


Pack activity sets and small gifts to amuse young children on the flight.


Get a good night's sleep




When you get there


On arrival


Pick up a copy of "On Arrival" magazine at the airport; it contains lots of ideas, information and helpful websites.


Collect your hire car and check into your accommodation.


Contact people back home to let them know you have arrival safely.


Try not to sleep through the day.


Set up a Pay-as-you-Go mobile phone to start your off - you can buy a cheap SIM card and use it in your UK phone.


Find your nearest internet cafe for property and area research.


Take a few days to get over the journey and explore the area.



1 week later


Get a tax file number (TFN) for Oz or an IRD number for New Zealand.


Contact your new employer to confirm you have arrived.


Explore the area or suburb you think you would like to live in and ask the locals as many questions as possible.


Meet with rental agents and start reviewing some accommodation property options.


Find a solicitor to help with rental or purchase contracts.


Consider buying a car sooner rather than later. Used cars are cheap if you don't yet qualify for credit.


Get car insurance.


Register at a local school and arrange to meet your children's new teachers.


Get a landline installed and set up internet access.


Invite your neighbours around for drinks and focus on making new friends for you and your children.



1 month later


Review your financial position and transfer more funds if required.


Set up standing orders for utilities.


Register for your local doctor and dentist, and for Medicare (Oz).


Meet with mortgage brokers to understand your borrowing capacity.


Visit your children's schools to ensure that they have settled in ok.


Identify a reliable plumber, electrician and mechanic in your area.


Consider re-writing your will.


Discuss your first month with your employer and resolve any problems that may have cropped up.


Start to attend social functions or join a sports club.


Establish a routine and settle into your new life!

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Hi how long did it take to get your 176. We are waiting for a reply from TRA which is supposedly due this week and then we can progress.


Hiya niknjas - our visa took approx 11mths to arrive. We leave for Adelaide End of May .. can't wait ! - good luck with your application.


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