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Oz is getting Freeview!!!


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Can someone with a good technical knoledge please try and find out if a UK Freeview TV will work with the OZ Freeview?


Im not that clever but will ask around and have a look myself.


It has stopped us buying a new TV due to not being able to use a UK TV out there.


Also got some other bits that we could bring aswell.


Cheers Rob

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Guest Martin and Val

Can't guarantee this because our stuff isn't here yet but I spoke to a chap in a shop the other day and he reckons that our stuff will work fine.

Maybe somebody else could confirm that?

Suzer, If you connect a digi box to your set you can already get loads of extra channels free! Freeview seems to be the name of the newly formed partnership to see in the digital switch over which will create more channels.

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Its the way they broadcast the TV and radio signal.

In the old days it was anologe and its now digital.

You can get a better picture and sound.

Lots of new stations to watch and you can listern to loads of new radio stations.


The UK is now switching off the anologe transmiters and you HAVE to buy a digital set top box or a new TV with freeview in it.


This is very basic way of explaining it.


Hope that makes sense...


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It seems that freeview in the UK means that the number of programmes actually worth watching decreases as the number of channels increases! What's oz TV like? Are they as obssessed with reality/celebrity/confessional drivel as the UK? It's got so bad over here that I've even returned to reading books again!!





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Freeview (UK) is much better than the old 5 channel analogue TV because not only do you get the old channels, but up to 40 more. Some of them are absolute rubbish but some are really good (eg. Film4, BBC News 24, the BBC childrens channels, BBC 4) and the +1 ones are useful. Also you get over 25 digital radio stations plus the interactive stations. During the Olympics and major sporting events these are fantastic as you can chose what events/games you want to watch. Hopefully the Australian Freeview will be as good.

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i have to say i dont watch half as much tv here as i did in the uk as the majority of it is a pile of pants, . Alot of reruns and american programmes, we have foxtel which we usually watch documentaries on or some british stuff mainly comedy which seems to be lacking on oz tv. When foxtel contract is up i wont be renewing it , most stuff i download of internet if i really want to watch something eg new series of who do u think you are etc.



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