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    Thread: State Migration Plan is out!!!!!!

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      Hi all,

      Well I have just submitted our ss application and OH couriering the documents tommorow. Fingers crossed we have put enough information in and get a yes so we can lodge and join the rest of you cat 2's


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      Im a bit confused with the allocation of CO's.

      If theres just over four thousand visa's to be given to SA applicants and say half were doctors that were needed and only fifty say were plumbers, would the CO look at the jobs and say "right we need more doctors" and even though one applied for visa later that the plumber would they get precedence????

      If theres a desperate need for nurses (hopefully!!!) and they only need a few more hairdressers say to fill the quota, even though the hairdresser applied in 08 and the nurse applied in 09 would the nurses get sorted first.

      I'm confused (obviously), would love to know how the CO's prioritise, because the SMP is a guideline for numbers isnt it???

      Am I the only one that thinks like this??

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      Here's hoping that there are no more more changes before all us Cat 2's get our CO's, it seems such a long time ago when we paid our money and submitted our application. Australia please let us in...we are a lovely bunch...fingers crossed things start moving now.
      Happy New Year xx
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      Just checked the list and as an electrician im happy im on it but in reality apart from now knowing that im cat 2 i still do not have a clue as to when i will get a case officer. Still any move forward is a good move so heres to everyone having a good 2011 with a case officer at some point.
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      Logic should dictate that once DIAC start processing SA applicants on CAT2, they will process them in date order in a mix with all other States in one big pot. Therefore we should be looking at08-09 applicants being allocated fairly quickly from 17th Jan. The rate that CO are currently being allocated for WA would indicate that we won't need to wait too long.

      Then again with DIAC when has anything being logical!!

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      Thumbs up Skills assessment question

      My wife and I have have enjoyed reading everyone's comments concerning the new skills list and are happy knowing we are on the list too! our congratulations go to everyone celerbrating too.

      We couldn't help but notice that people are in very similar time scales to ourselves with respects to when their applications were lodged and that vetassess tests are mentioned in their details. We have applied under my skills and i have gained TRA recognition under the trade of Fitter - I have a simple question of what is the difference between TRA and Vetassess skills recognitions?

      many thanks,
      Ian and Karen.


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