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    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    We have only recently arrived and to be absolutely honest the work situation isn't good. i understand that the employers here don't know me or my hubby from a bar of soap, but I swear if anyone else suggests a training course (costing a couple of thousand $!!!!!!!) i think i might do an incredible hulk! at the risk of sounding like a "whining pom" is it really that hard to understand that if you worked in a specific sector in the UK then your skills are transferable???? i mean surely a sales assistant is still a sales assistant wherever the blazes you trained? particularly so when there is no language barrier. How difficult can it be - be nice to customer, answer questions politely, take money ............. I agree the people are lovely, well mannered, polite and helpful. The houses are pretty swanky too plus great weather and awesome beaches. Trouble is I can't eat awesome beach or pay my bills with nice friendly manners. Unless you have a VERY COMFORTABLE financial cushion then I would advise do your homework regarding the labour market conditions here very carefully. Before anyone asks - no I'm not a sales assistant but my 19 year old son was in the UK. He could work here if we shell out $$$$$$$$$$ for a certificate that says he's a sales assistant so this is why is used this as a reference point. He has had rejection letter after rejection letter and I see a once confident young man demoralised and hurting. That is really hard to see. So my conclusion is this - make sure you do your homework or make sure you bring a hefty chunk of wonga to see you through.
  2. clan mac

    Help needed please

    Thank you will check east coast car rentals etch123. Thanks also Blossom.
  3. clan mac

    Job Scheduler/Receptionist

    Hi Sarah, I've pm'd you too x
  4. clan mac

    Help needed please

    We (McKnight) family arrive in Adelaide 2/4/15, we do not have a credit card. I paid our off and got rid of it last year as we are emigrating, thinking that i was doing the right thing!!!!!!! I have looked at renting a car when we arrive for about 2 weeks until we can buy a car, the rental companies I have checked thus far all require a credit card!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions please, can anyone help? grateful thanks in anticipation, Lorraine
  5. clan mac

    Rental cars from the airport

    I don't have a credit card, would they accept a booking with a debit card from the UK?
  6. clan mac


    Me too x
  7. clan mac


    Go Matilda are fab, we used them and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. They kept us right through various changes in the rules. Worth the money.
  8. clan mac

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015

    We are the McKnight family from Glasgow. Me (Lorraine) hubby and 2 boys aged 19 and 16. I work in community mental health and addictions support, hubby is a construction manager now but joiner to trade. My 19 year old is a lens technician in an opticians. We arrive 2/4/15 and will initially be based in the Seaford Rise area. Tbh I'm completely bricking it! The thought of no work scares the living daylights out if me. I don't think its gonna be real until I'm on the plane!!!!!!!!!
  9. clan mac

    Jobs in Demand

    I feel physically sick! Actually unwell after reading the "reality check" posts re work. I think it's all fine and dandy to be candid, I don't believe anyone considering moving their entire life across the continents is doing it blithely!!!!!!! It's fair enough to check SEEK etc but I wonder if the way forward is to get there, speak to potential employers face to face and try to secure something that way. We have been advised that it's not what you know but who you know which will initially open doors to employment for you. Once you have that crucial Aus work experience under your belt then you are perhaps better placed. We too have state sponsored PR, and due to life events here have been unable to make the move before now. I would LOVE to make Adelaide my forever home but how easy is it to move within that first 2 years if you cannot secure employment?
  10. clan mac

    Job Offer

    Thank you! A positive post is lovely to read. Hubby works in construction management but joiner to trade. I work in mental health/addictions community support. i really hope we find something. We arrive 2nd April, must admit the nerves are killing me!
  11. clan mac

    Skilled Migration should be put on hold...

    This has really put the jeepers up me!!!!!!! We have PR but no job to come out to. Doubt I'll sleep tonight!
  12. clan mac

    Help and advice needed please.

    Thanks Russell x
  13. clan mac

    Help and advice needed please.

    Thanks Snifter, Gonna try some deep breathing, don't know why I'm so spooked, I'm usually very pragmatic! And breathe .............. Gotta get some sleep, I'm at work in 5 hours! Deep breaths ........... and again .....
  14. Hi we we will be arriving in April, my OH is a construction manager (joiner to trade) with 30 years experience in large scale commercial fit outs. I previously worked in the Civil Service (benefits) as a customer services manager for 18 years before changing career into homeless services and community mental health support. Realistically does anyone have any idea if we will find work? I appreciate I'm not the only one on here asking this so my apologies also I understand that any responses are not guarantees. I'm just trying to get a handle on this amidst my mounting PANIC/TERROR that is fast becoming my normal emotional state. Any advice welcome. Sincere and grateful thanks, Lorraine x
  15. Hell's Bells this makes for grim reading! That said I appreciate the candour. I think my concern is this; how can you budget for being out of work for up to 6 months?????? The days of cash rich ex pats arriving with a few hundred K are long gone I would imagine. I'm gutted! There is no way we can afford to be out of work that long! We simply do not have enough money to survive. The cost of getting there and bringing your stuff from the UK isn't cheap. Don't think I'm gonna get much sleep tonight. Lorraine

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