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  1. Here we go again knocking the Northern suburbs!!!!! I live north of Adelaide and my suburb is very nice thank you - so please dont come door knocking on my door, even though I'd be very pleasant and polite towards you, some of us are very nice.
  2. Jenny

    Flying Emirates

    We used Emirates in July and were very impressed with them - quickest and most direct route we've had in our 5 trips to UK over the years. Ideal for us as we wanted to go directly to Newcastle - we've had enough of sitting round in Heathrow over the years. Didn't have a stop over this time - probably will next time though. Jenny
  3. Jenny

    Car hire in UK

    We used Alamo too, two drivers and one way drop off - all in the price.
  4. Some people live north of Adelaide, some people live south, both areas have good and bad areas, we all know that - why on earth dont we just enjoy where we live and resist the need to be insulting to the places where other people live! We all cant live in the better areas but if we're happy where we do live - then just support each other and be happy that we're all enjoying life. All suburbs have lovely people living in them - dont insult them by being biased, after all we're all here for a better life. Jenny
  5. Jenny

    Do you think that this is true from your experiences?

    I've got some very good Australian friends - sadly though, they are racist!!!
  6. Jenny

    'The Wife'

    Mine is 'hit the ground running! - that really irritates me
  7. Jenny

    Citizenship Ceremony waiting time

    McGintyoz our council is Tea Tree Gully but the ceremony is at Golden Grove Arts Centre not the council offices where they are usually held. I think there's probably a big ceremony in the Civic Park on Australia day but we were'nt bothered about that ceremony. It looks to me as if maybe they are starting to put extra ceremonies on because when I phoned the Council he told me that after the next one he thought we'd be available for would be March. All the councils must be different because when I phoned ours - he told me we weren't even on the list!! We just wanted to get it sorted as we're booked up for a holiday back to UK next year and want to get our passports sorted out. No one told us about private ceremonies otherwise I think that's the way we might have gone as we're not into these big ceremonies anyway. Good luck with yours and I hope that 400 queue goes down quickly. Jenny
  8. Jenny

    Citizenship Ceremony waiting time

    Final Update! we got our official letters on Christmas Eve to confirm our Ceremony is on January 24th - so from first applying its taken 6-7 months. Jenny
  9. Stay away from Energy Australia , they were brilliant when they were Tru Energy - but since amalgamating they've gone downhill quickly and I cant wait to get out, the only problem is - who to go with as they all seem to have good and bad points. They changed our gas meter last November and since then the gas bill is much higher than the Electricity bill - too much of a coincidence I think!! Jenny
  10. Jenny

    Citizenship Ceremony waiting time

    Latest update on ours! Phoned this morning and managed to speak to someone after about 10-15 mins, we gave them the reference number on our letters and they confirmed that we were in the system (hadn't been overlooked or forgotten about) and hopefully our ceremony would be 24th January, but she stressed that we hadn't to make any definate plans for this date as we had to have the letter of confirmation of where and when it is going to be and until we get that - nothing is finalised - so we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best. Good luck to everyone else who's in the same position as us and hope your daughters get theirs sorted out in time for Uni McGintyoz. Thanks for everyones advice too. Jenny
  11. Jenny

    Citizenship Ceremony waiting time

    Thanks Scooterdan, looks as if we'll have a bit more of a wait, we're about a month behind you it seems. Maybe I'm ringing the wrong number, though it did say they were in the middle of upgrading the lines!! I'll just keep trying. Thanks again, as long as we haven't been forgotten. Jenny
  12. Jenny

    Citizenship Ceremony waiting time

    The man from the council told me that they just get a list from Immigration and they only send out the dates if your on that list and that's why he told me to ring Immigration because our names aren't on any lists yet, he said he would have thought they'd have had our names by now - that's why he thought I should speak to Immigration, in case we'd been overlooked. Which number did you ring to speak to Immigration - I rang the one on the letter , in fact its the only one I could find for them but I just kept getting the recorded messages. The thing is when I do speak to them they'll probably tell me the same as they told you!!!! then what do we do. It it is very frustrating isn't it. When did you get your acceptance letter from the Office of "The Minister" telling you that you'd been accepted.
  13. We applied earlier in the year for citizenship and received our acceptance letters from the minister on August 1st, still no word on when our ceremony will be so I rang TTG council today to see if they could give us any idea of when it might be and was advised to ring the citizenship information line to check with them as we aren't even on TTG list yet. I've spent nearly all day just waiting to speak to someone - no joy though - it doesn't seem as if anyone is answering!! Has anyone else had a long wait? I know there is quite a waiting list, but is this a normal waiting time. I was wondering whether to go into the office on Currie Street and see if they can help. Anyone else been in this situation? Maybe I'm just being impatient. Jenny
  14. It seems to me that a lot of you are pleased that this business is for sale (some because you dont like the idea of imported fish!! long queues, paying a little bit more for the fish and chips that your 'crave for') but so many of you were so excited about it all before it opened and were wishing the owners the best of luck, standing in queues to say you'd been there - and now a great number of you seem to be enjoying the fact that its sale and not doing so well!!!! At least they tried!! How many of you dont even try - arrive, whinge and go back without even trying. If it has failed then its their money that's lost, not yours so just wish them luck and go back to the boring fish and chips you were eating before they opened.
  15. Jenny

    Flight Sale on now!

    I phoned Emirates on Monday about September flights - I was told 22nd October the date for them to come out. He told me just to keep checking and rather than go through the Travel agent, book directly through them.

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