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  1. elizawho77

    Need someone in UK to certify driver licence

    Oh bum. That makes things hard Have you posted on the Facebook page. Everyone seems so helpful they may be able to share your request? Good luck
  2. elizawho77

    Need someone in UK to certify driver licence

    So the lawyer in australia and the lawyers here are not the same? They accepted them for me for the skills assessment.
  3. elizawho77

    Need someone in UK to certify driver licence

    I took mine into the local solicitors office last week and they photocopied it and certified it for £5. You don't even have to be a client so any solicitor should do it.
  4. elizawho77

    Moving in 2017

    I have read many posts about people getting together it all sounds lovely. Everyone is really helpful and gives great advice.
  5. Thank you Were all excited. I will read this to her as she isn't the most confident child so will worry about starting a new school. I think your idea of letting her choose is a great idea. Hopefully we will be in a position to do this also.
  6. Hello all I've recently been offered a job with sponsorship based in marleston. I will be coming with my partner (commercial vehicle salesman, no job as yet) and 13yo daughter. Which suberb would you recommend? We would at least to start with hope for a state school as we don't know how long it will take my partner to find work. Were not looking to be there until early 2017 but I'd like to start some research now. Thank you in advance
  7. elizawho77

    Moving in 2017

    Ah that's great. Will look into it and we will either all go out together or the 2/3 undecided can come out for a holiday within whatever time frame they give. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello I'm interested in the advice on this post but wondering if someone can clarify for me. If my daughter is 14 on 0ct 26th (currently year 8) and we emigrate early 2017... would she be year 9? Then my stepson who is 14, in Feb 2017 (currently year 8) and came early next year also. Would he be year 9? Thank you
  9. elizawho77

    Moving in 2017

    Thank you snifer We didn't realise they all had to come out to activate their visa just assumed we activated them all at the time we enter .
  10. elizawho77

    Moving in 2017

    I've just (last week) received a job offer with sponsorship. I will be coming as soon as we have the visa (187) but have no idea how long they take to process(hoping by Feb 2017). I will be working in marleston and will be coming with oh and 13yo daughter.. possibly 17yo son (undecided), 13yo stepson and 11yo stepdaughter. They will all go on visa regardless if they want to come now or in the future. Have no idea on the best areas to look for property to rent short/long term to accommodate the needs of the family.

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