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  1. Hutchy

    Largs & Largs North

    We live in North Haven which is quite close to both suburbs. I imagine, like most places they suffer with crime, but in all, both are lovely places to live. Beach is gorgeous, not too far away at all, and they have a good mix of schools....main state school is Ocean View College, Le Fevre High School not too far away either, another state school, which both my boys attended, and loved it! For shopping...North Haven has a small shopping parade, which is fine for everyday things, and Semaphore Road is close by too, which has a good mix of shops and restaurants. We've lived in the area for 4 years, and wouldn't move...people very friendly and a lovely place to be.
  2. Hutchy

    New to Australia need some help

    We used our short term accommodation address and a mobile number, they were happy with that. They would ring us regularly too, with an update on where our container was. The UK company told us it would take six weeks, it took three months to arrive, which suited us, because it gave us a little longer to find a long term rental.
  3. Hutchy

    Northerners Down Under

    We're originally from Hartlepool and our accent is mistaken for Irish..
  4. Hutchy

    Citizen today!!!

    Fab news....well done...hope you're celebrating
  5. Hutchy


    There's no cheap way, I'm afraid. Cost me nearly $300 for mine. Make an appointment and go to the nearest Post Office that deals with UK passports. They sort out your paperwork and send it off. The applications are sent to New Zealand to process, but the new passport comes from the UK. Sometimes takes about 6 weeks. You can download the forms, etc on the internet..
  6. When we applied for our 887 visa last year, it was taking 6 months for the application to be even looked at...Yes, definitely, the bridging visa, as far as we were concerned, was necessary. It didn't cost any extra...just a safe guard..
  7. My son plays for the Pirates, and they are always on the look out for players http://palsc.com.au/home/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1
  8. Hutchy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi dblog418, we were a 475 to 887 applicant...
  9. Hutchy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    We weren't allocated a CO., just received PR straight away...good luck to everyone else
  10. Hutchy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, we applied March 18, and have just been approved today...
  11. Hutchy

    Arrests at Under 15 Football Match

  12. Hutchy

    Arrests at Under 15 Football Match

    At least we don't live in Brazil....a referee was beheaded after stabbing a player during a game there.....
  13. Hutchy

    Should have come to PIA first!

    I loved the quote about Robinsons squash....Seriously though, how quick did they get a visa...It took us over two years to get here, and we wouldn't want to go back.
  14. Hutchy

    Re-newing uk passport in oz

    We recently renewed our passports...and it was really straight forward. We did have to get photos countersigned, so our local Justice of the Peace did it for us. We took our downloaded application forms to our local post office (we had to make an appointment, but again was easy) in West Lakes, and everything was sorted from there. Two weeks later we received our new ones......

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