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  1. KathCats

    Phone Home

    Thank you Cliffy, I did this...got some Skype credit it is 10c a minute to phone the UK. Thank you to everyone for your help!
  2. KathCats

    Phone Home

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a cheap way to phone the UK. I am on a phone contract which doesn't include International Calls, however I use WhatsApp for friends and family as this is free. We still have a property in the UK (which isn't selling and is going down in value as fast as the properties over here are increasing, but that's another story). A situation has arisen where I need to phone our mortgage provider and the Water Utility Company (I know in theory it can be done on-line, but because we've had tenants in it has got a bit messy). In order to sort things out I need to make phone calls and wondered if anyone can recommend a cheap way of doing this?
  3. Hi Naomi, I can almost guarantee that there will be opportunities for your family, especially coming from Leeds. Adelaide is quite a unique city in that it is small, green and really really nice! You are both young enough to adapt here and well qualified in what you do, so Australia will be lucky to have you!! If anything, as your family grows, you may find it boring here, however, once you make a circle of friends it won't be boring! My partner and I are from the North of England and find problems with our accent (but don't let that put you off!!!). We have both found work.....only the very rich seem to be full-time housewives/husbands as it is expensive to live here.....it is a lovely place though and when you bump into tourists you realise how lucky we are to live here. My advice would be...if you have the opportunity to come here, then do it. Remember, you can always go back to England if it doesn't work out for you. Lastly, the building industry is booming over here so there should be plenty of carpentry work.
  4. KathCats

    As each year passes I hate it more 😢

    Hi Star 123, I can empathise with you in so many ways and understand what you are going through. Be reassured that there are more people who feel the same and it's not just you who is suffering. Not everyone settles in Australia but the ones who go back tend to do it quietly, so we don't hear about their stories so much. When are you free? We could meet for a chat a coffee and a good old moan during school hours I am free Tuesday and Wednesday.
  5. KathCats

    Sauna and Swim

    Can anyone recommend a good place to have a hot sauna and a swim? I already know about the one at Marion but would like to try somewhere else.
  6. I Congratulations. How exciting for you. We have a daughter who will be 13 in March 2017 and I have to say there is so much choice for schooling here it's great. We arrived two years ago and I took our daughter to visit 3 local schools where we are renting. We ended up letting her choose the school and this worked out really well as she has loved every minute of it. Now we have the choice of many High Schools and again, there is a school for every child here. The schools and kids here are really friendly and welcoming ... it takes time to find out where you fit in, so I would visit three you like the look of and go from there.
  7. KathCats

    Guide on dental costs

    This is interesting. I took our daughter to a Dentist through the School service (it is at Marion opposite the Swimming Centre). We paid $44 and this covers her for all dentistry over the next 2 years. If we used our Extras Health cover and took her to our chosen dentist we would have to pay a lot more. When I booked her in I said yes to a Student Dentist and was overwhelmed by the high standards of care, she had 2 fissures and x-rays and was given lots of information...the dentists over here seem much more focussed on Preventative Dental Care which is great. We are still on temporary visas too.
  8. KathCats

    Adam Internet and E-Mail

    Thank you. It's reassuring to know it's not just me then .....
  9. KathCats

    Adam Internet and E-Mail

    Anyone else use an Adam e-mail account? I know they are now iiNet....but it has got a fault today and I can't get into my email, it is very frustrating.
  10. KathCats

    How cold is cold?!

    This is our 3rd winter here....it's like living in a shed on the edge of a desert. It can be hot during the day and cold at night. I would advise packing for an English Summer at a Campsite....lots of layers. Oh and it's quite amusing watching how the locals react to a bit of rain, especially in the City!!!
  11. Hey up Petal....a fellow Northerner here....we came out 18 months ago, my partner is a programmer, he def gets paid less than the locals and yes Oz experience does count for a lot (in my experience anyway). I did voluntary work which helped, esp for references. It costs a hell of a lot of money and time and effort to get over here, and it works out for some people and others hate it. Sometimes our northern accent gets in the way!!! There are loads of English people here....not many Northerners mind, so get yourselves over here and find out all the answers x
  12. KathCats

    Been here a couple of years

    Hi Jan, You are not alone in feeling homesick. We been here 18 months and still haven't settled properly. Our daughter was 10 when we arrived and is now almost 12, she misses the cold ice and snow and has taken up ice-skating!!! She also says that she wants to go back to the UK and go to Durham Uni. Kids, they always want the opposite of their parents. We aint giving up though, it cost us so much to get here, both emotionally and financially. I recently found myself in Flinders Hosp having surgery which was dreadful, I missed being around my own people. However, when I woke up from Theatre there was a nurse singing Hello from the Other Side in a Scottish accent!! That made me smile. Its strange how, when you are feeling happy and open you meet lovely people, yet when you are feeling low and homesick there is no-one there, or that's how it feels....best to just pretend you are happy and then one day you will be X
  13. KathCats

    saving water in the garden on the Adelaide Plains

    Thanks for all this info. It's a great help. I am growing veggies in pots and bags due to being in a rented house, but even that takes work in this desert heat! Am missing my allotment back in the UK but at the same time I can grow different things here. Oh and the issue I have with pots is that most plants like to have cool roots, so the black pots absorb the heat, but can be cooled by "clustering" other plants around them...or being in the shade.
  14. KathCats

    UK Tax Refund...

    Don't forget to claim your UK tax back!!! When you leave the UK you are able to claim the tax back that you paid while employed before migrating (in your migration tax year). The UK Tax Office make you wait for this, but it's still worth filling in the paperwork.
  15. KathCats

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Oh...and I forgot to say that the volunteering I did was not in the same field of work as the job I got.

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