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  1. Queen bed mattress - free

    pleased to say the mattress has found a good home. Thanks Sharon!!
  2. Queen bed mattress - free

    Absolutely Sharon - i'll pm you my details
  3. Queen bed mattress - free

    i have a queen bed mattress going free if anyone wants it! Would be great as a stop gap while waiting for your stuff to arrive or for a guest bed. You would need to collect as we have no means of delivering it. We're in Woodcroft. Cheers!
  4. Anyone attending Anzac Day services?

    We were there too Doug. First time for us and i'm pleased to say even my kids rose early to join us. Very somber but a wonderful experience. My dad is a Vietnam vet and it felt good to be there for him (he's in the UK)
  5. Specialist Urologists

    My husband saw Dr Pese - based at Urological Solutions on South Rd -just after the Anzac Highway if you are going North. He was excellent and Roy was treated very promptly and all on Medicare. He needed surgery and was treated at The Repat so not sure where he will operate out of when this closes. Prior to seeing Dr Pese he saw another in North Adelaide, who had the worst bedside manner I have ever encountered and kept telling us that we would have to go interstate to have the treatment as no-one in Adelaide could perform the operation! Clearly lies! Dr Pese was great and Roy's had no problems since his treatment
  6. Lesson Learned

    If you have anything with telstra you can get tickets for $11 for Event Cinemas - can't be used after 5pm on a Saturday or public holidays but any other time is good and as you book on line you can select where you sit. And we always take food and drink with us. It's too expensive otherwise
  7. best website for rental properties

    Is that for a rental Blossom? Because our water bill is never that low but we do own our home. If it's for a rental then that's not too bad but when we rented we never had to pay for water - guess each landlord is different. FYI our last water bill was over $350!! But we do have to pay for everything - actual water used, sewage and supply charges etc and there are 5 adults living in the house.
  8. How to order flowers for the UK

    Another recommendation for Bunches - the last ones that I sent to my sister lasted beautifully and they send a little box of chocolates with them. And it's free delivery
  9. New little aussie

    Gorgeous!! Congratulations
  10. We're in Woodcroft - maybe a bit further inland than you were thinking but certainly not that far from the beach. My kids went through Woodcroft Primary and then Reynella East College (formally Reynella East High) Both are state schools and my kids did really well - currently both at uni - and we had no major issues with either school.
  11. Emergency services levy

    Ours is 2.5 times what it was last year! Not happy Jan
  12. Shortening Jeans??

    We always use the place in Marion just down the escalator from the cinema. It's only small but they have an area where you try them on and they pin them up. I think with jeans they often say to wash them first as they do sometimes shrink a little. We have had loads done there - my husband has VERY short legs!! - and we've never had an issues. They charge $15 for a standard trouser hem - not sure about jeans.
  13. E cigarettes

    My husband who has smoked for more years than I've known him (26 and counting) has just purchased on of these and has not had a real cigarette since - he's only had it since the end of last week but I'm really impressed with how he is doing. He got his from a shop on Goodwood road and was recommended this place by a guy at work. It's still early days but so far so good and he's never got this far before.
  14. Watched any good films recently???

    Hubby and I saw Calvary at the cinema recently - quite dark humour and shocking ending but brilliant cast. I loved Philomena as well - sobbed from about 10 minutes in. And I can't go past Hot Fuzz! So funny!!
  15. New Arrival = Leave

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous!!