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  1. thunee71

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Appointed co on 7 july and wanted additional documents..submitted on 8 july....additional character doc. Visa granted on 9 aug....yippie
  2. thunee71

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Thanks for that..Looks like this application was submitted on 10 Feb 2016..Will this affect my appliaction and how do I rectify this? TIA
  3. thunee71

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Started application on 11 FEB.Only finish upload all documents after 27 Feb.Will that be an issue and the reason why it is taking so long?
  4. thunee71

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi..I have applied for 887 on 11 Feb 2016. On immi account it says application recieved. Whats the next step after this..just wait for co to be appointed?
  5. thunee71

    conditons of 489 visa

    Where can I find this info on website??
  6. Hi What about the 489 s/s regional visa. Jobs are scarce here in Adelaide but there are jobs in other state regional area. I have a job offer in regional Queensland Its a FIFO job I am renting a house here in Adelaide Kids are in school in Adelaide WHat happens in this case..do I have to inform DIAC Curious
  7. thunee71

    Flying in 4 days eeeeek!!!

    Hi Bal67 We flew one way from South Africa and there was nothing extra. above the 30kg limit . Make sure your bags are packed for 30kg..If you are over weight they will make you take it out. Good luck enjoy the flight..See you in Adelaide
  8. thunee71

    conditons of 489 visa

    Hi I have been granted a 489 visa sponsored by the state. There is one conditon there"8539 must stay in specified regional area" Does this mean you can work in another state but in a regional area or DO you have to live and work in the state that sponsored you.
  9. Hi I have recently arrived in adelaide.I am currenlty looking for a job in instrumentation field around Adelaide area I have worked in Pfizer in Ireland and have a lot of expierence in GMP enviroment also worked in oil refinery ; paper mill and chemical industry. PM me if you have any leads
  10. thunee71

    rental in zoned area for brighton secondary

    My son is not sports orientated...plays piano but got nervous when asked to play and hasnt played in 3 months.
  11. thunee71

    rental in zoned area for brighton secondary

    My son is in year 8 and I have been looking in the zoned area but it like impossibel..may have to look at another school. New zone is only for next year
  12. Hi I am looking for a rental in Glenelg and surrounding area.Need to enrol my 14 year old in Brighton secondary.Need to find rental urgently in this area.This area is zoned. Please PM me Thanks
  13. thunee71

    Arrival in Adelaide

    Hi Arriving in Adelaide on 27 Feb family of 5...( 2 Adults and 3 kids) Looking for short term rental for 3 weeks with accessiblity into CBD Also what is the best option for transport from airport ( going to have about 12- 14 pieces of luggage) Any help with do and dont to make life easy to settle in
  14. Hi all I have been granted a 489 visa..what are: 1.the pro and cons of this visa 2.Also when you want to apply for permanent residency it says you need to be in full time employment for 12 months and stay in area for 2 years. Do you have to be employed in the same field that you applied for the visa ( Your skills that you was assesed) or can you do any job 3.Do kids have to pay international school fees 4. IF wife works for 12 months can this satisfy the visa condition for 12 months employment for permanent visa application and live for 2 years in area and then apply for PR although I was the main applicant for visa????
  15. thunee71

    Pros and cons of 457 visa

    Sorry ...It should refer to 489 visa...state sponsored. Please reply to intial thread but relating to 489 visa

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