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  1. Lily Rainbow

    Christmas Invite

    Awww that's so kind of you FB!Im in the UK,but was touched by your invite!Nice to know there are caring peeps out there!
  2. Lily Rainbow

    A few questions!

    Thanks people for your advice.I was thinking of using Moneycorps,but how does it actually work?Do I still open say a NAB account and Moneycorps transfers it for me??Clueless on this stuff!lol I probably have enough personal items (mainly stuff like a few ornaments,photo's,etc)to fill a couple of boxes (and small ones at that),so probably not worth investing in a small move cube.
  3. Lily Rainbow

    A few questions!

    Hi all, I lived in Sth Aust for 30 yrs,and am returning within the next 3 mths to live.Without trawling through endless threads,can I please ask a few questions?Ok I have worked in Sth Australia,and recently found some old tax return type slips.So .... (1)Do I need a new TFN?Or once you have one,does it stay with you? (2)I've got a considerable amount of money to bring back with me.I know about opening bank accounts,but I'm wondering,why do some people use a money transferring company (Like Moneycorps)as a third party when you can just transfer funds yourself once your account is open?What are the benefits of using a company? (3)I'm not bringing any furniture,but I do want to pack up some personal items (nothing big).Whats the cheapest option for doing so?Send in smallish boxes via Royal Mail or use a company like "Excess Baggage"? TIA folks!
  4. Lily Rainbow

    Where would you move to for work?

    I would move rurally if there was a secure job.Used to live quit rural in Sth Aust a few years ago and loved it.Most of my folk are in Adelaide and surrounding area's,but as long as it was reasonably close to visit them on a weekend drive,yeah I'd do it.Whats the job situ like atm?
  5. Lily Rainbow

    How long do I water?

    Its funny isn't it?A few years ago water tanks kind of went out of fashion,but then as water rates began to rise,they became quite popular again!Much more modern looking than your old galvo round ones.I realise you're renting,and Ive just looked at water tanks/butts online and their fairly expensive,so buying one may not be an option for you.As the weather warms up,you'll need to water so it penetrates deeper into the soil,otherwise if you're just watering lightly,it'll just run off the top of the soil.I watered at night time.No point in watering during the day.I believe a "soaker"hose was recommended a few years ago,but not sure if its still relevant.(They're the flat strip type sprinklers,holes all along,kids love to play in them lol).Only use grey water if the detergents are eco friendly.You can water plants with cooking water (if you steam veg,or boil,strain off and cool then use).
  6. Lily Rainbow

    Adelaide/UK place names

    Modbury!There's one in Devon and one in Adelaide where I grew up! Diane I didn't know Athelstone was named after Helston?My daughter lives near the Cornwall one.
  7. Lily Rainbow

    Mood of the Moment: Share a great music track today:

    The Angels played a lunchtime gig at my high school Tamara back in the 70's when they weren't very well known!lol
  8. Lily Rainbow

    Bought a House!!

    Nice one!Hope you have many happy years,and lots of fun making it your own!xx
  9. Lily Rainbow


    I'm not from Yorkshire,can I ask,going by your post,you left Adelaide to return to the UK,what were the reasons for leaving Adelaide?
  10. Lily Rainbow

    Yorkshire House Swap?

    Great idea Tamara,hope you manage to find one?
  11. Lily Rainbow

    Just a heads up - Fuel (again)

    Update....filled up yesterday,now £1.10! I don't think that's expensive Tamara?To fill my car costs me £30,that usually lasts me 3 weeks,and I drive to work and back each day,go out and about on my days off?
  12. Lily Rainbow


    Yes Diane I can vouch for wood burners.Have owned a couple myself,and in both houses,they heated the whole house.I collected my own kindling (free)by going for a walk with a bag and collecting small sticks/twigs,and pine cones!lol
  13. Lily Rainbow

    Just a heads up - Fuel (again)

    Fuel in the UK where I live is currently £1.12 per litre.
  14. Lily Rainbow

    Struggling to find a job....

    Yep I can see why they might give a job to someone already with experience,but come on?A certificate as well?Someone told me the other day cleaners also need certs too now?hahahahaha Its bordering on ridiculous!Whatever happened to good references????
  15. Lily Rainbow

    Single Mom Hoping to Move to Adelaide on 190/189 Visa

    Its not really slagging off Shenton,more like telling you how it is.Best get used to that too,aussies are usually straight up with what they think!

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