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Hi there,

There are so many insurance companies to choose from.


To get a comparable quotes one of the online sites like http://www.infochoice.com.au/compare-car-insurance-quotes/ might be useful.


A lot of the insurance companies offer to beat the best quote that you bring them.


From our personal dealings during the past 5 year I can tell share our experiences:


We bought a Hyundai Getz when we arrived and drove out with it insured with Allianz. Only changed it because of the number of named drivers that it was limited to.

We have been with the RAA for the past 4 years. The Kia Carnival costs us $57 per month fully comp. We have a For KA and that costs us $40 per month fully comp.

The RAA shop is on the corner of Sherrifs Road and Main South...they can quote you and you can walk out insured. You get a discount for multiple policies.


More important is when things go wrong!


Someone drove into the Carnival in a car park...the RAA was great...we paid the excess ($400) and it was sent to an RAA approved repairer which is important as there are cowboys out there! I had a bit of a ding with the KA (my fault) and they were great with that. I still have my no claims bonus and my premium hasn't gone us.

I also insured the house with them before it was rented...had to change as they don't do landlords insurance but when I was with them I had a claim (another!). The gas hot water heater on the outside of the cottage (not the house so don't worry!) decided to catch fire....no damage to the building but after the fire brigade left the RAA sorted out a plumber and a replacement unit...I paid the excess and everything was sorted really quickly and efficiently.


I am sure that other people will have other companies that they can recommend but i'm happy with my present insurance with the RAA.


Hope that this helps.



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Guest Iron Chef

Just remember that the true value of an insurance company is determined when they need to pay out on a claim, not how much their premiums are ;) I discovered this one the hard way.

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