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Hmmmmm Chocolate....


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Guest Claire-n-tel

I really don't like their chocolate to be honest.....give me haighs every time!.....i'd even rather have cadburys.....

but they have really good hot chocolates, i like the plain one but the one with chilliis Tel's favorite!

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Who could ignore a thread with the word 'chocolate' in it!!! :notworthy:


Bracegirdles are doing amazingly. When they opened their chocolate shop in Glenelg, we thought it was the poshest place ever! Now, so few years on, they seem to be everywhere!


Is your local Bracegirdles going to focus on chocolate and coffee or will it have the full menu offered at MacLaren Vale? Either way, you're on to a winner. My favourite is their chilli hot chocolate - which is my drink of choice at San Churros too lol - but everything seems nice and the staff will (in our experience anyway) adapt existing menu items to suit where possible.


Someone at work was raving about Koko Black, which has recently opened in the city, so that's next on my list....unless it looks heaps expensive, of course!


So in conclusion, Toni, omnomnom!


:wubclub::wubclub: (that's one emoticon for you; one for the chocolate!) LC

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I really don't like their chocolate to be honest


Claire, I initially read that as," I really don't like chocolate.." and my heart sunk. I thought, "That's it, our friendship simply cannot work!" Luckily (for me, not you!) I read it again...... :policeman:


Have you been to Melba's? I love their factory/shop with all it's free samples, all-pervading scent of chocolate and huge Freckles....


(why is there no 'salivating' emoticon???)


Yours greedily,


:wubclub: LC

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Wow, thanks everyone. I just realised I made a typo in the name of the shop called it Brace"girle" Perhaps it is a "girl" thing do you think? or at least we are game to admit to it...


I think the hot chilli chocolate sounds good. I like Haighs too and yes even cadburys. I have tried two items from the Koko Black shop - one was a chocolate biscuit type thing with a cherry mousse in it but I didn't think it was that good - hate to admit it but it probably was not better than the chocolate mousse biscuits you can buy in a packet without the expensive price tag. I also got some chocolate with the Leatherwood honey rippling through it - that was ok but nothing special. It is pretty impressive though and it has a restaurant area too. They have lots there.


The Brace"girlie" :wink:shop looks to be making chocolate also and they will have areas where you can view it being made. It is a gorgeous old building been there for years. They look to be recruiting people (or maybe they have finished recruiting already as it is opening next weekend for mother's day. Now there is a job.......I wonder if they have a "chocolate taster" job going?


Howde that looks like a good tour - I wonder what chocolate soup tastes like.

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