Where is the fantastic post i saw months ago can anyone help?

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    Hi everyone,


    We are flying out to adelaide next wednesday to start our new life so scared and excited. Cats are now at perth. However months ago someone posted a fantastic post with all the things you need to do when you get to oz (pay as you go dongle etc etc, medicare info etc) It was very informative and i really wanted to print a copy of it off so i can be organised when i get there. Can anyone help as to where i can find it please ive looked everywhere on here.....Virtually.....





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    Another few things, no sure if on the list when it comes to the cats is getting their microchip numbers registered on the Australian databases and looking in to fiv vaccinations depending whether they are going to be indoor or outdoor cats as quite a lot of ferals over here.


    and forgot to ad safe trip:smile:

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    Missed abit

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