My first 6 months in Adelaide!

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    Hello, every one here !

    I am a Chinese exchange student and have been in Adelaide for 6 months. Life here is totally different form it in my hometown. As I live in West Beach, few shops are open in the evening. You know in China, it is always crowded..

    I love the lifestyle in Adelaide. People are friendly and giving me smiles all the time. Except that some "Naught Boys" scared me some times when passing by...

    I still have 6 months left here. Besides wild life park, Hahndorf and Barossa, can you please tell me something else that must do in Adelaide? Thank you very much! (or Cheers~)

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    Thank you for recommending! I am googling the riverland! I have no car but luckily my Australian friend (the only local friend) took me a ride to the victor harbour two weeks ago! It was beautiful! I love the alpacas on the way to Victor harbour! Alpacas are quite popular in China because of their Chinese nickname, which sounds like XXXX in English LOL. Thank you! So lucky to find this local forum:wink:

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