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887 Visa - How to attach documents?

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G'day Mates,

I started to fill in the 887 application on immi site.

I was not prompted at an stage and was not asked to attach any document throughout the entire form.

So the question is, Is the stage of attaching documents is after submitting?

Although it says that this information will be provided by the application form, it is not :(

  • whether to attach documents before or after you submit



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    • By Bella Cameron
      Being an international student in Australia, one must be aware of what MARA agents are. MARA agents are the migration lawyers registered & authorized by the Australian government to act on behalf of their clients who are looking for migration consultation or assistance with the visa applications. These migration lawyers know the Australian migration law inside-out and play a very major role in filing visa applications for international candidates in Australia.
      With all the visa-related information available on the official website of the Australian government, the authorities have also made it possible (and easy) for the applicants to file their visa applications on their own. Despite this, most of the applicants seek the help of MARA agents to file their visa applications; and there are good reasons to do so! Here are some of the top reasons that MARA agents are required for different visa processes in Australia.
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    • By nosepicker
      Hello guys,

      Soon my partner and I will be eligible to apply for the visa 887.
      Our only question/doubt is regarding the validity of police certificates.

      According to the link below, we do not need a new police certificate if we have not left the country.

      See the following topic on the page/link: "Penal clearance certificates – validity issues" (or the image below).

      Attention to the last bullet point on the topic in specific.

      - - -

      Does this still stand or has this changed since November 2019?

      Our visa has been issued in November 2019 and since then we have not left Australia.
      Do we need to get new police certificate clearances from previous countries?
      Has anyone applied with expired policed certificate clearances and was okay?

      Thank you very much in advance. Cheers!
    • By BRUCE
      Hi buddies 
      Is there anybody who knows how I can include my spouse and children in the application for 887 while they are offshore?
      My spouse and children have stuck overseas due to border closure, and by new concession for 887 applicants or dependents who are offshore, I should be able to include them in my application, but the online system does not let me include them because it detects that they are overseas!
      Is there anybody who has had this problem?
      Thank you in advance
    • By Arjun86
      What type of documents expecting for functional English? Both main and spouse application have more than 1 year work experience in Australia. Can anyone help us. 

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