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jetlagged, but happy to be here


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:)Hi there, g'day!!


Firstly, thanks Judi for picking us up, and dealing with us lot; also for the bubbly, short work was made.......


.Singapore booking staff are morons, they didnt put us in the emergency exit seats to accommodate man mountains extra long pins; but the crew moved us, first leg ok; second leg, no chance. Bit peeved, my boy was a bit squashed, and tiny tim and tina had sleeping room,; it's over, let it go.


Singapore cabin crew are seriously fabulous..........nothing too much trouble. Recommend them.

It is now 0115hrs............dark, and i am on the bloody interweb cos i woke up too soon!!!!


Hopefully meet up soon.




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Guest colinjez

Hello...welcome to Adelaide! We have been here a week and three days and I would say it took us a good 3/4 days to adjust. We too flew with Singapore airlines and they were indeed a fantastic cabin crew.


What part of adelaiode have you moved to? We are in Wynn Vale and are extremely happy with our rental(thank you Dawn and Andy!).


Our son starts school on Monday...Colin started work on the Saturday we arrived and I have an interview in the city this afternoon. We have sorted banks, tax file numbers , car rentals, foxtel, phone line and broadband. All done in the first week . So all in all we are feeling pretty settled......just want the weather to pick up now so we can make the most of the pool.


Once again welcome to Adelaide....I know we are only new here but we are loving it already!!


Good Luck with your new life


Lynn and Colin xx

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Yep welcome. When the rest of the Liverpool mob get here you can start your own exclusive clique:biglaugh: The weather is not too bad anyway, better than arriving into 40C heat. This way you will acclimatise into the hot dry summer. It wonttake long for your time clocks to reset and you will be raring to go. Good luck with everything.



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Thanks all.............

feeling better today, a bit.

So, the house is lovely, thank Judi and Ian..........:wubclub: glad we chose here.

Looking for a car, think we have found the right one, a kia, so on monday, we will test drive, and buy it!

The house search begins for long term rental, anyone recommend an agent, feel free to share the details!

Phones and the bank on monday too; letting agents etc; what a palaver; hahaha.


Glad to see the weather is just like an english summer, but warmer rain:biglaugh:!


Take care


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Guest cornish Busdriver

Gday Scouse.

Good to see you made it :)

Are you at andys seminar tonight ??

Message me and we can meet up for that northan knees up or txt me on 0424258750.


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Guest cornish Busdriver

Gday Scouse Girl.

Try residential Lettings at Hallet Cove.

We arrived last sunday and they sorted us out a 4 bed 2 bathroomn house in Christies Beach by Tuesday.

Speak soon.

Matt and mandy

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