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  1. What will $550k buy us?

    Have a look at Hawthorndene & Coromandel Valley.
  2. 24th June - NE Suburbs Girls Drinks

    Well I saw this post at the bottom of my phone & realise I am 6 yrs too late!! Do NE meet ups still happen ?!
  3. I will come along!
  4. Bali in August (first time)

    Thanks all for your replies, I had not heard of Sanur or Nusa Dua so will look them up. Have just got my Bali map from the library today!
  5. If anyone has some good hotel recommendations for Seminyak/Legian area please let me know. Would like a hotel on the beach ( I think!) as opposed to a few streets back. Also looking at a few nights in Ubud. Hoping this question is ok for 'travel outside of SA' section!
  6. Meet Up CBD - Friday 21st November

    Home as is in UK, even after 7 yrs & 32 days!!!
  7. Meet Up CBD - Friday 21st November

    Would love to come to a city meet up but I'm heading home that week for a couple of weeks. Perhaps the next one if it's a success!
  8. Suggestions for Camping?

    If you had access to a boat Port Vincent is a good spot for whiting fishing. Sorry I cannot advise on tours.
  9. I work for an engineering consultancy with offices in all the major cities, the market is tough we have halved our staff in our Adelaide office and down to around 100. I can send you a list of a few local companies if you are interested. Below is a link to some market analysis https://www.engineersaustralia.org.au/about-us/engineering-labour-market-analysis best of luck.
  10. Peel St and Rigonnis also in the same area as theses mentioned above. Parlamento a bit cheaper and less fancy.
  11. Read any good books lately?

    The Book Thief
  12. Hi Bojan, I am not sure if living in Port Lincoln would interest you: http://jobview.careerone.com.au/butcher-job-port-lincoln-sa-136829911.aspx
  13. Attention tradies

    Hello Mel, are there any places still available & if so, where does the course run from please? Many thanks.
  14. Hi!

    If you're looking for a good walking spot not far from the city check out Morialta Conservation Park.