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To all who have settled here!

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    We came out in August 2012. Husband stayed for 2 years on his own, establishing his business, whilst I went back to UK with daughter so she could finish high school in the UK. Fortunately husband able to return to UK every 3-4 months with work, but was hard on us all being apart.

    Daughter and I returned in September 2014. Daughter doing IB Diploma (as this provides more challenge than the SACE which I do not think is a rigorous enough alternative to A level). She found moving at 16 years challenging, but now has many friends and is enjoying life here. It was tough for her at first though.

    I am a primary teacher and got a permanent contract at a school, starting work in January 2015, without ever having had a contract or doing any relief teaching - apparently this nigh on a miracle!

    We are currently renting in east Adelaide - Burnside area - but we are building in the hills (house under construction) and we can't wait to move out there early next year.

    I miss my parents and my daughter, her grandparents, but they are coming out for 6 weeks in December .... other than that we love life here.

    I hope to ride around the Adelaide Hills on a horse when I retire :-)

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