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As a registered childminder here in the UK I have gathered quite a stash of crafty items - paper/glitter/glue/paints etc.... and now it's coming to sorting in time for the removers in 3 weeks I was wondering if it's worth bring this stash or is it cheap enough to replace once we're out there - and where would the best kind of place be to pick up this kind of stuff since it appears Woolworths sells food not bits and pieces!

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There are shops such as Target, Big W and KMart which sell craft stuff, as well as Spotlight which has a huge range, and then the "cheap" shops (Cheap as Chips, Cunninghams Warehouse, Browse in and Save, Reject Shop etc etc) are good as well. Scrapbooking is really popular here so there are lots of places selling anything that can be conceivably used for "glueing and sticking"

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If its just childrens 'cheaper' stuff there's plentyafordable stuff here but if you are a 'serious' crafter/scrapbooker things like rubber stamps, embellishments and quality 12" cardstock is more expensive.


I brought an extra 12 boxes of my craft stuff from the UK but I use it for 'teaching classes' here. I used to write for UK craft mags and tutor in 3 different craft shops as well as demonstrate at exhibitions.

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Check out Onkaparinga Council's website


One stop shop for holiday craft.


The Waste Nott Recycling Store is a community initiative sells a range of low-cost craft materials, encouraging the reuse of materials that would otherwise go to landfill. These fun and funky assorted materials will inspire creativity and are well worth giving a second life

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