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My M&S order!!!!!!!


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Just to let you know that I just found out that it's free delivery to Australia since 8th march. I placed a huge order and received it via DHL in just 3 days!!!!


There are great bargains and every day the prices are going down!!! Now wondering should have waited for a few more days!!!!! Hehehehe

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Guest Claire-n-tel
Can you get percy pigs or is it just clothes? :(


Hi A_B!


Coles do bags of the Perry and Friends with the cows and sheep in as well as perrys (although called something else) They are EXACTLY the same even hubby says so and he is a perry feind! (a very happy one now!):biglaugh:



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I am waiting for 3 separate orders I placed last week... thought of more things i wanted after discovering the postage was free. And, BTW, they DID ship bedding to australia, which I was surprised about and wanted new duvets for the children. Then decided on one for us too.

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Guest Guest12727

M&S disaster

Well I ordered 4 items from M&S on 12th May. On 18th May I received an email stating that one item (a PJ top) had been despatched. 20mins later I received another email telling me all other items were out of stock and the rest of my order had been cancelled. This included the PJ bottom that went with the top!

Extremely disappointed with this service and why did they think I wanted a PJ top without the bottom??? I would have thought M&S had better processes than this.


Still waiting for the money to reappear in my account. I will be unlikely to order from them again.

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