UK Teacher debating the move (Need advice!)

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    Hi All,


    This summer I met a lovely girl from Adelaide whilst on holiday in the South Of France.

    We met up again for a few days in London at the end of her tour of Europe and discussed seeing each-other again.


    I flew to Adelaide in December for Christmas and New Year and had an amazing time. Sparks flew and the girl

    has booked flights to come to the UK in a few weeks time.


    Since my trip we speak every day and have discussed if there would be a future. One of us is going to have to move, as we can't be long

    distance forever. Hopefully after her visit to the UK we will be clearer if one of us is going to take the plunge!


    I'm just enquiring if anyone knows about Primary Teaching jobs or Music related jobs in Adelaide?


    1. Who are the relevant boards I'd have to contact to get my English teaching qualifications validated?


    2. What would be the best Visa to apply for and are there any funded Visas?


    3. How challenging is it to find teaching jobs in Adelaide area and when is the best time to apply?


    Thanks for any advice





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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I can't help with any of your questions but I'm sure someone who can help will be along at some point.

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    First I would check to see if your job or profession is on the SOL or CSOL






    After that, have a browse of this and perhaps see if a work related visa could be applied for. Probably a state sponsored one.




    Iirc Aus now requires a 4 year degree but you can find this out reading the visa info I am sure. I don't think a 3 year degree is enough anymore.


    Re funded visas, there is the 457 temp 4 year one that companies can sponsor a person on but I am not sure if teaching would be eligible.


    Regarding primary teaching. My understanding of it is there are many primary teachers and not enough jobs to go round in the Adelaide area. I know quite a few teachers who can't get anything other than relief work and at most a year long contract. I know one position for a year long contract had over 200 applicants. Permanent contracts are few and far between. If you went country there would probably be a bit more ease in securing work.


    Music teaching, no clue. Our school we have a music teacher but our last one we didn't. Private schools are probably more likely to have this sort of thing.


    Best time to apply would be when you have your visa and are here. You will still need to do things like first aid course here and some other stuff so you can't really be applying from overseas. If you arrive at the start of the year you could pick up some relief teaching day and experience at a number of schools and then be around to apply mid year when many of the year long and permanent contracts are listed. Bear in mind that schools/teachers often go with the same relief teachers once they get to know them as its easier than keep having to start over with someone new each time. They tend to have their go to people. Also year long contracts and permanent posts can often seem to end up with people who have either done relief work at the school or who have done a year contract and then when room comes up, gain a permanent post.


    Depending on your age you could consider a WHV to Aus and then if things work out with your girl apply for a partner visa (this is $6800 or so though be aware). A WHV has limits but if you did the 3 months regional work to gain a second year it would give you a bit more time. You need to be de facto, not just dating for the duration. So would require you sharing a life as a couple, probably a home, bills etc to meet the requirements. You need to prove a year de facto when you apply so a year WHV would be cutting it very fine, hence me saying about the second year.


    Going the other way, a partner visa off the back of the UK working holiday visa is no longer possible that I am aware of. UK immigration closed that door a number of years ago I seem to recall. A visa for the UK would be a WH type or a visa she could live and work in the UK with on her own merits. Keep in mind the UK is pushing up the salary required to remain in the UK living and working if not from the EU. Something like £35,000 per annum.


    Personally I'd think its easier to go to Aus than it is the UK atm visa wise. I don't know too much about which visa, if any, you'd be eligible to apply for but you can do a bit of reading to get an idea. Or contact a reputable MARA registered migration agent who can give you an idea of what is possible.


    I'm sure others with more knowledge on teaching and which visa path will be along. If not, post over on our sister site, Poms in Oz http://www.pomsinoz.com/ and ask there. Or chances are you could find the info as we have a number of teacher based threads and questions answered over there.

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