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Rude driving instructor


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Hi Guys.


Need an Immediate reply if possible in Regards to behavior of Driving Instructor in SA.




I had my VORT Final Test this afternoon at 4 somewhere near Sir Donald Bradman Drive. I waited for 35 minutes for my Instructor to come for my Test but she only came around 4:35 pm and straight away without telling the reason of late, even no Hi or Hello, she told me to start with moving off procedure after just telling me to score minimum of 90%.

I asked her even about how she was etc but she only said alright. And then after 10 minutes of driving I failed the test as the reason was some in-justify which I can't tell here.

After the test was over, she told me that I wasted her and mine time too by failing in the test.


I have to ask one thing from u guys that it was my money i Lost after i failed the test and on the other hand, she was so rude and talk like I did a mistake by booking a test. Is that all Justify? can't we complaint to authorities how these guys robbed people?


Also, when i booked my test, it was told to me be Punctual and if i am late by 5 minutes or so, the test can't ho ahead and i have to pay the test fee even.

Now as she was late by 35 minutes and no reason was told to me anything so what we can do in regards to it?


Thanks Guys


Very frustrated today

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Sounds like a horrid experience. You would have been nervous enough without this being landed upon you.

Seems like she was having a bad day and took out her frustrations on you.

There are always checks and balances here and am sure that there must be a process to lodge a complaint. I am not sure of the process..sorry. Suggest giving your local Service SA a call tomorrow and see if they can give you some info.

Hope that it goes better the next time....

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Just found this:


If you require more information than contained within this guide or wish to lodge a complaint against any Motor Driving Instructor you should:


  • If your enquiry or complaint involves the standard of training, assessment of tasks, CBT&A or the practical VORT, please forward your complaint in writing to: dpti.licensingbookings@sa.gov.au
    Standards and Accreditation
    GPO Box 1533
    Adelaide SA 5001


  • If your enquiry or complaint is in relation to the business practice of the Motor Driving Instructor, please contact Consumer and Business Services on 13 18 82.


  • If your enquiry or complaint is of a more serious nature not covered above, it should be directed to the appropriate authority below:
    • The Equal Opportunity Commission; or
    • The South Australia Police.


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I agree with the other responses, her attitude (as you describe it) sounds very unsettling and rude, and I feel for you.


The website states that:

"(a) The VORT practical test cannot be started earlier than 5 minutes before or later than 15 minutes after the appointed time." (http://www.mylicence.sa.gov.au/the-driving-companion/conditions-vort)

but whether that just means while you can't be late, they can rock up when they like, I don't know. If I wanted to complain, I think I'd concentrate on her lack of courtesy and add that "no later than..." thing.


In the old days, examiners weren't allowed to chat during the test, so you couldn't claim they'd put you off. I don't know if that's still the case, but even if it is, it does sound like she could've been a bit more pleasant!


The VORT sounds scary and there are some tiny things that apparently mean an immediate fail - such as failing to wait a full 5 seconds between indicating and moving off from a park - which is why my kids both took the CBT! I'm guessing your driving instructor felt you were ready to take the test so maybe you could have a chat with them to see whether they think your examiner was harsh, or even whether they can offer you the CBT and take that instead if re-taking the VORT?


I hope posting on here has helped de-stress you a little. I don't know whether you're hoping that her decision might be overturned if you complain, but at the very least, they might decide to pop an auditor in the next VORT she conducts, to check her attitude.


:wubclub: LC

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I don't think your driving instructor prepared you very well for what to expect from the test. Other than her being really late and her saying you wasted her time she sounds very much like the three people I had for my driving tests in the UK. I would certainly complain about her being late but if you take the test again be prepared for the examiner to be pretty much the same, although hopefully on time.

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Hello Again Guys.

The Driving Instructor who took my test yesterday is a member of ADTASA i.e Australian Driver Trainer association of South Australia.

I just read the guidelines on the website that No Instructor can late maximum by 15 min for the test. But if that happen and they late more than 15 then Test need to be called off for that day. But As my test was conducted half hour late then the scheduled time, and I failed in just 5 minutes with no justify reason from her but can't argued with her so give up. She gave me a cert. after that for failed attempt but she wrote the time was at 4pm and not that time when she actually started.

So I was wondering can i be able to ask for my refund to her as that test was Illegal and must not had to happen if she was late?



Thanks Guys

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