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  1. Reverse cycle Air conditioner

    if non inverter probably comp control gear,capacitor etc
  2. Hotels around Marion/airport?

    have a look on get some good deals on there
  3. Reverse cycle ducted Aircon

    scotts at golden grove 8289 0807 or jim Thompson of thermocool at dernacourt 0419 830 985
  4. suneden school at Mitchell park.also contact autism sa.they are based at marion road Netley
  5. Reverse cycle ducted Aircon

    average single story 4 bed house with 6 zones around $ inverter units around 40% cheaper to run.few deals around on the units at the minute.evap units ok in dry heat only going to give you a 6 degree difference and useless in humid conditions.
  6. Air Con knackered - HELP..I'm melting!!!!!

    Plenty of experts around this time of year mate.give me a pm if you want any help
  7. Reminds me of somewhere i used to live
  8. So what about the Africans living off centrelink and paying nothing into the system.oh sorry thats racist
  9. Water in Hallett Cove

    from your house in Hallett Cove you will also have good views of the desalination plant to see where your waters coming from
  10. Good, bad and ugly places to purchase beds???????

    avoid the place with the french sounding name.
  11. How Australian are you?

    i embrace everything it here.but i was born in England so im English
  12. Pronunciation of Noarlunga???

    Gilles plains
  13. disgusted at 'racist' aussies

    hear a lot of decent aussies complaining about the African immigrants here for the free lunch.remind you of somewhere?
  14. Adelaide Traffic Police...

    do 5 k over speed limit cops are all over you.bikies have a tear up their no where to be seen?