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    VW Golf 2.0TDI 2005

  2. GarethB

    VW Golf 2.0TDI 2005

    For Sale: 2005 VW Golf 2.0 TDI (Sportline) Now have a company car so no longer required Imported in 2010 by PIA member (original owner) and purchased by myself shortly after Full Service History (German Auto & Ultra Tune Seaford) 164000km 6 Speed Manual New GPS head unit 19" BBS alloys Stability Control New front brakes & recently serviced Rego until Oct16 Dual Zone climate control 5.2l/100KM economy As I purchased the car from this forum I'm advertising here so hopefully another PIA member can purchase this great car at a bargain price. $5900 PM me for contact number Thanks Gareth
  3. Bosch Dishwasher, good working order, no longer required due to new kitchen & appliances $75.00 Westinghouse Chest Freezer, a few marks but works perfect (can be seen working) $110 Please PM for contact details Thanks Gareth
  4. GarethB

    Aldi Advice?

    Shopped in the Warrnambool store a few times and I now live near the Seaford Heights store...the Vic store is much more akin to a UK store (having a liquor section helps!). Def a bigger range from memory with a few more known brands next to the Aldi stuff. Maybe future SA Aldi's will be larger and therefore carry a wider range.
  5. That sort of forward thinking is not welcome in South Australia, the unions and lefties just wouldn't get it:nah:
  6. GarethB


    If you're vaccinated then therefore you are protected...no need to be a scientist or digest peer reviewed studies etc to understand this. Therefore if you choose to vaccinate you have absolutely nothing to fear. As for immunity, if you're over 30 and unless you've had any sort of "booster" recently then you have zero protection anyway; those high school vaccinations wearing off long ago.........adults account for the vast majority of the population. As a sick adult, eg if you have whooping cough, you also have a choice (and responsibility) to exclude yourself and not spread disease to those too young to be vaccinated. Such hypocrisy and lack of self education is why this whole topic becomes irrational. As for facts, ALL medical procedures and medicines carry risk. It is for the individual to assess risk vs benefit as to any medical procedure that is performed on their (or their child's) body. Especially so in Australia which currently has no vaccine injury compensation scheme as the UK does. If you have a serious adverse reaction you're on your own. With regards to whooping cough in particular, the issue of "community immunity" isn't due to people choosing not to vaccinate, its because the actual vaccine has been out of stock since late 2015 and will continue to be so for good while longer.....but lets not let the facts get in the way of making such judgement.
  7. GarethB

    British foods

    Proper Clotted Cream now available at Woolies.....its made in Tasmania and has zero additives, thickners and all the other crap they put in dairy products over here. Finally you can have your xmas pud as it should be!
  8. GarethB

    NBN - Seaford Rise

    Activ8me.......just $50 a month, 100Gb. Good tech support to, they helped with setting up a different router to the one they supplied and also my voip . They supply a non-voip wifi router for free to if you sign up to a 24month plan.
  9. GarethB

    Patio, decking, pergola??

    Ive used Andrew for a Veranda and also some smaller jobs. His work is excellent and would highly recommend http://premiercarpentry.com.au/index.php/contact
  10. GarethB

    Bike Trailer for Sale

    Youngest has now out grown, only used a handful of times. All complete including attachment to your bike. $55 Gareth
  11. Purchased from Le Cornu approx 5 years ago. Has a few scratches here and there but nothing a good clean and wax wouldn't fix. Very solid table, just doesn't fit with our new house. $170 Gareth
  12. GarethB

    Adelaide Job Market

    Can you get these in Adelaide? This isn't London with Timmy Mallet stores on every street corner you know..........
  13. I worked in that very same potato factory, featured in the link, when I first came here on a working holiday visa!

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